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5 Ways to Start Earning with Notcoin Today

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The crypto world is abuzz with the recent listing of Notcoin on May 16, 2024. The digital asset has captured the attention of many investors worldwide before and during its listing. As the excitement surrounding Notcoin continues to mount, exploring all the opportunities it presents is essential. Discover NOT and learn how to maximize your earnings with this burgeoning currency.

What is Notcoin: Coin or Not?

Originally, Notcoin was a Telegram-based clicker game created by Open Builders. It has captured the attention of over 35 million enthusiasts. What was the primary motivation to play it? Every click on a gold coin brought players more and more NOT coins. In simple words, anyone could mine tokens by tapping on the screen. Moreover, the game included global leaderboards with various tiers, the ability to gather in squads, and many boosts or perks. This brilliant idea showed an alternative to the expensive mining process and unlocked a new era in the whole crypto industry. 

Notcoin was recently launched on The Open Network (TON). It has become a meme coin, a tradable asset that has settled a price of ~$0.007 per token as of May 17, 2024. Although the mining phase has ended, it’s expected to return soon. Anyway, the most crucial thing is how Notcoin will show itself on the crypto market, where it will be listed, and how many investors will support the project in the long term.

What’s Special About Notcoin?

What sets NOT apart from its peers is the ease of obtaining it and the incredible response from its loyal community. This token has helped many enthusiasts dive into cryptocurrency to make quick and easy money. Notcoin allowed beginners to start small and build their trading experience for future achievements. Moreover, this token represented itself through tap gameplay and opened up a new approach to receiving cryptocurrency via the Telegram messenger. Hence, Notcoin has gained a reputation among millions of enthusiasts.

Why Do So Many Leading Platforms List NOT coin?

Notcoin is a phenomenon and one of the main trends of 2024. The decision of leading platforms to list Notcoin speaks volumes about its intrinsic value and prospects. Exchanges prioritize tokens with robust fundamentals, loyal communities, and unique utilities. Thus, the NOT’s listing makes this mutual partnership profitable for both sides. The exchange that adds hype to Noicoin gets many active users. At the same time, the token increases its area of distribution and recognition.

Where is Notcoin listed? The token has been added to the top exchanges, such as Binance, Bybit, OKX, etc. Therefore, you can search for a suitable platform and use a new trading asset to meet your needs.

5 Ways to Start Earning with Notcoin Right Now

  1. Trading Notcoin: the token is now available for trading on leading decentralized exchanges like Binance. Surely, trading on DEXs or CEXs is a more standard way. If you’re keen on purchasing NOT coin and maximizing it through various crypto and entertainment features simultaneously, iGaming platforms are worth a closer look. The BetFury platform, with its own ecosystem of crypto-earning products, was the 1st platform to list NOT in the iGaming industry. You may quickly get Notcoin via BetFury’s crypto exchange and use it to earn more income through the special features on the platform. 
  1. Holding Notcoin: Notcoin holding is an excellent opportunity for users to accumulate assets for future use. NOT holding provides a secure and reliable means for individuals to build wealth over time as the token has a great potential to value growth, strong team, tokenomics, and trusted partnerships.
  1. Staking Notcoin with up to 150% APR: crypto staking remains the most well-known tool for passive income. Every NOT owner can get attractive rewards and contribute to the token’s ecosystem. BetFury has launched an exclusive staking pool for Notcoin providers with up to 150% APR. It’s a time-limited offer to benefit from NOT coin with profitable rewards. Over 700 000 NOT coins are staked by users to the Notcoin staking pool:


In addition to the Notcoin Staking pool, this platform offers TON Staking with up to 140% APR and USDT staking with up to 130% APR. Therefore, that’s a great chance to gain NOT and other crypto this beneficial offer is valid for 30 days only at BetFury.

  1. Providing Liquidity to NOT Trading Pools: Numerous trading pools emerged along with Notcoin’s listing on the leading crypto exchanges. If you become a liquidity provider, you will earn a share of the transaction fees as a reward. The most popular automated market maker (AMM) for this purpose is V3. The exchanges with AMM V3 are more advanced and allow liquidity providers to concentrate liquidity on a chosen price range. You can allocate your Notcoin to a specific position, optimizing your potential earnings. Moreover, V3 enables you to independently manage income from multiple positions, offering greater flexibility.
  1. Playing Crypto Games with Notcoin: rooted in gaming and memes, Notcoin continues to thrive in the entertainment sector. Many iGaming platforms offer thousands of games and betting options with Notcoin, providing ample opportunities to have fun and multiply your crypto assets like BCGame, BetFury, Stake, and RollBit. It’s important to note that entering an iGaming platform for the first time gets you special bonuses for registration, which can be simply applied to grasp winnings via games.

For instance, If you’re a new user at BetFury, you get an exclusive bonus for registration. The first 100 users to register on BetFury and enter the promo code NOTCOIN by June 24th will receive 500 BFG on their bonus balance. Make an x40 wager playing on the platform to claim your registration bonus and get a chance to win crypto while reaching the wager. Also, newbies on BetFury can get a Welcome Pack with up to a $10,500 (590%) deposit bonus and 225 free spins. 

Which Factors to Consider Investing in Notcoin?

Investing, staking, or trading cryptocurrency can be risky. To avoid or minimize them, consider the following points:

  • Do your own research: find helpful information from official resources and analyze it to understand the ongoing tendencies of NOT better and improve your earning methods.
  • Stop-loss: prioritize effective money management techniques to mitigate potential losses and safeguard your investments.
  • News Tracking: follow the public pages of Notcoin on social networks, and read various articles on trusted media platforms to stay up to date with the latest news.
  • Ensure Security: check for security audits proving the platform’s trust and install the necessary security measures for funds on the platform where you get income. 

About the Future of NOT Coin

Due to the specialties described above, Notcoin has captured the attention of millions. However, each token experiences ups and downs during its development and sustainability journey. The price volatility of altcoins is affected by both the project and the market. It is impossible to precisely predict the price for the next three months or even a year. However, the token has prominent potential given the current achievements of NOT and users’ interest. If Notcoin maintains high-quality tokenomics distribution, regulates market circulation, creates favorable market conditions, and offers utility for holders, the token will be unlimited in its further growth. Presently, the token shows positive growth dynamics, but its future behavior depends on complex factors. Regardless of the future of this asset, make your own decisions and prioritize your safety.


Notcoin emerges as a beacon of innovation and potential in the crypto space. Whether through trading, staking, investment, or gaming, embracing the opportunities the token presents today could soon lead to significant rewards. As NOT continues to make waves, staying informed and actively participating in its ecosystem will be critical to unlocking its full potential.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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