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3AC Co-Founder Kyle Davies Expresses No Regret Over Fund Collapse, Evades Jail With Global Moves

Kyle Davies, co-founder of the now-defunct crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), expressed no regret over the billions in investor funds lost due to the company’s bankruptcy.

In a March 19 episode of the Unchained Podcast, Davies maintained that the failure of 3AC and the subsequent backlash did not tarnish his professional reputation.

He stated, “Am I sorry for a company going bankrupt? No. Like, companies go bankrupt all the time,” highlighting his lack of remorse with laughter.

Discussing future endeavors, Davies hinted at advising potential successors on how to better manage a bankruptcy scenario, suggesting a nonchalant approach to the dissolution of his hedge fund.

He also revealed his intention to steer clear of Singapore, fearing possible incarceration, and noted that he has been moving between Europe and Asia, with a recent stay in Portugal.

In April 2023, amidst the fallout, Davies and his partner Su Zhu initiated OPNX, a venture combining bankruptcy claims processing with a crypto exchange.

Davies praised the launch as “very impressive,” asserting his enduring respect within the cryptocurrency community.

However, the venture was short-lived, with OPNX announcing its closure by February 14.

Davies countered claims of non-cooperation with the liquidators, Teneo, overseeing 3AC’s dissolution, describing such allegations as overstated.

He argued that portraying them as uncooperative was a strategic move by the liquidators to reclaim more assets.

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Despite these assertions, Davies and Zhu faced subpoenas via Twitter on January 5, 2023, for evading communication and not sufficiently cooperating with the liquidation process.

In the wake of 3AC’s collapse in 2022, a British Virgin Islands court froze $1.14 billion of Davies and Zhu’s assets.

Teneo has estimated the outstanding debt to 3AC creditors at approximately $3.3 billion and is actively seeking $1.3 billion directly from the co-founders.

This pursuit comes after allegations that Davies and Zhu engaged in excessive borrowing against investor funds post-insolvency.

Adding to their challenges, Singapore’s central bank imposed nine-year prohibition orders against Davies and Zhu in September of the previous year for alleged breaches of the nation’s securities regulations while at the helm of 3AC.

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