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NFT-Based Crypto Trading Simulator Banksters Launches $BARS Token Sale On 3 Top Launchpads

Crypto-based EduTech trading simulation game Banksters has launched its token sale on three top launchpad platforms, giving existing gamers and retail investors an early opportunity to snap up its native cryptocurrency $BARS.

The token sale is launching simultaneously on BullPerks, Games Pad and StormGain, and follows the recent launch of its mainnet, which came alongside the first stable release of the game.

Banksters is developed by a company called Lava Games and is designed to simulate real-world crypto trading. Players take on the role of traders and are tasked with buying and selling crypto assets in order to try and generate a profit. As users progress, Banksters will slowly educate them about the intricacies of crypto trading, teaching them new strategies, how to read crypto price charts and identify signals, and guide them to becoming more profitable. It gamifies the trading experience, teaching valuable skills that users can later apply in real-world trading.

The game utilizes real-world asset prices that mirror their movements in the real world. Players take on the role of an NFT-based trader, with each one having their own unique attributes and abilities. It teachers players how to react to volatile markets, improving their financial literacy and hopefully helps them to become more capable traders, so once they have learned enough they can go out and use their own money to ride the crypto markets for real. 

There’s more to Banksters than just buying and selling assets though, as other elements include face-to-face battles with other traders, where players will attempt to trade and achieve a greater profit in return for real-life rewards. 

The $BARS token provides utility in the shape of entry fees for those battles, known in the game as “investment runs”. By accumulating $BARS rewards for profitable traders, players can also spend the asset to level up their Banksters NFTs, upgrade their mining rigs and mint new NFT characters. In addition, players can use $BARS to purchase Banksters NFTs via third-party marketplaces and the platform itself.

Banksters Chief Executive and Chief Marketing Officer Alexandru Carbunariu said he is thrilled about the token launch, saying it will give players the chance to deepen their engagement with the game and help it to expand its ecosystem. “The $BARS token is integral to our model of gamifying financial education and trading, and we are completely convinced that it will empower users to maximize their experience within the immersive Banksters world,” he insisted. 

Banksters NFT

The token sale has been highly anticipated and Banksters believes there will be enormous demand for $BARS, hence it opted for a triple launchpad debut. It comes in the wake of a two-week airdrop campaign that finished earlier this month with the top 1,000 Banksters players in that period winning exclusive NFTs valued at a combined $100,000.

The airdropped NFTs are said to possess a wide range of rarities and traits, and the campaign was designed to generate interest in the game ahead of the token sale. At the culmination of the airdrop, it also made 2,000 Minting Scroll NFTs available to buy on Magic Eden.

With the stable release of Banksters, it also debuted the official $BARS Token Leaderboard Contest in the game, which rewards the top 50 players in the game with at least $5,000 worth of $BARS tokens. Players who own a Minting Scroll will be entitled to double the amount of rewards if they finish in the top 50 when the contest ends on May 20.

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