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Why Bitgert Coin Is the Crypto Everyone Is Talking About

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If you are not talking about Bitgert coin yet, you should start doing that now! Bitgert is winning both big and small traders over in the market without even trying too hard. Its strategy has been simply to keep pushing features and updates that make trading better for everyone. You don’t have to be an investor to fall in love with this kind of strategy from a new crypto asset. This is coming when most altcoins are just a repetition of the previous one, leading to an increasing number of crypto users but without a proper strategy to engage them better. 

To pick it from the top, cryptocurrency has been receiving high adoption lately due to the growing reach of the internet across different continents. But as these rising numbers start using cryptocurrency, scalability also becomes an issue. Scalability means the possibility for the networks to expand when more people start using it. However, this has been a big problem for the current blockchain projects.

Bitgert has been addressing scalability effectively, and now many people are beginning to notice it, leading to the rising talks about Bitgert online and offline. So, let’s talk about how Bitgert has been drawing attention with its scalability resolves.

Introducing Bitgert Proof of Authority

The two popular consensus mechanisms in the market today are the Proof of Work (also called PoW) and the Proof of Stake (also called PoS) mechanism. But, these two consensuss have proven to be bad for scalability historically. Bitcoin is a popular crypto asset that uses the PoW mechanism and this has been contributing a lot to global warming as it requires more power to complete every transaction.

However, unlike many other altcoin projects, Bitgert uses the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. This is a mechanism that we’ve seen perform wonders for the past few months since Bitgert launched. This is not a magic trick, but the Bitgert coin consensus mechanism is making transactions better. How it is doing this through a strategy that reduces the steps used by other crypto projects to validate a single transaction.

Implications Of Bitgert’s Proof of Authority Mechanism

With many unnecessary steps in the consensus mechanism used by other altcoins removed, Bitgert transactions are validated many times faster than any other cryptocurrency transaction. This makes Bitgert the talk of town because now Bitgert is sitting at the top with over 100,000 TPS of transaction speed. So, in case you don’t understand what that means, it simply means that more than 100,000 transactions can now be completed per second on the blockchain using Bitgert.

But, it gets even better, with transaction validation made faster than it used to be, there is no longer a need for transaction favoritism. This means you get the best deal on gas fees from the Bitgert coin. So, if you’ve been hearing the stories from Bitgert everyone, these are some of the things causing it.

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