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Industry Expert Who Called Solana’s (SOL) Recovery After 2022 FTX Drama Says This Dogecoin (DOGE) Rival Priced Under $0.02 Will Reach $1 Within 90 Days

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Expert forecasts in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies can act as a beacon of hope for investors navigating the rough seas of digital assets. A well-known industry expert made a wild statement that shocked the cryptocurrency community, saying that Hump (HUMP), a relatively obscure coin that is only worth $0.02, would rise to $1 in just 90 days.This prognosis, which draws comparisons to Solana’s (SOL) incredible comeback following the 2022 FTX incident, has sparked new interest in Hump and established it as a serious competitor to the venerable Dogecoin (DOGE). Let’s examine this audacious prediction in more detail and see what it implies for Hump’s future as well as the larger cryptocurrency market.

Unveiling the Expert

The person responsible for this audacious estimate is none other than James, D’great, a well-liked member of the Bitcoin community who is well-known for his insightful analysis and precise projections. James, D’great became well-known for correctly seeing Solana’s spectacular comeback after the FTX incident in 2022, establishing him as a trustworthy source of information on market movements and new prospects. James, D’great has an unmatched comprehension of market dynamics and a sharp eye for spotting cheap assets, therefore their predictions are highly respected by both investors and enthusiasts.

Hump (HUMP): The Crypto World’s Dark Horse

In the flurry of well-known cryptocurrencies vying for the top spot, Hump has quietly become a dark horse that could upend the established order. At the time of James, D’great’s prediction, Hump was priced at less than $0.02, so casual onlookers might not notice much. But underneath its modest facade is a project full of possibility and promise. Hump aims to build a strong position for itself in the competitive meme currency market by providing investors with a compelling alternative to well-established players such as Dogecoin. The company is driven by the values of innovation and community empowerment.

Remnants of Solana’s (SOL) Fortitude

It is important to consider the significance of the parallel made between Hump’s prospective course and Solana’s incredible comeback following the FTX incident. Solana proved to be incredibly resilient in the face of the FTX crash, quickly recovering and taking back its place as one of the leading cryptocurrencies. James, D’great compares Hump’s potential for exponential development to Solana’s resilience, pointing to fundamental qualities and increasing bullish sentiment as important drivers of Hump’s expected rise.

Overcoming Dogecoin (DOGE)

The prognosis by James, D’great is based on a daring claim: Hump can overtake Dogecoin (DOGE), the dominant meme coin, concerning market valuation and influence. Although Dogecoin has a large following and is well-known, Hump is a serious competitor with its cutting-edge features and quick growth rate. James, D’great believes that Hump will reach new heights and break $1 in three months’ time thanks to its special value proposition and the current state of the market.

Road to $1 in 90 days

It’s a bold prediction that Hump (HUMP) would rise from its present price of $0.09 to $1 in just ninety days, which may mean big rewards for investors. This prediction, provided by a reputable industry expert, highlights Hump’s exceptional development potential as it competes with well-known cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin. With its novel strategy and growing community, Hump is well-positioned to transform the meme coin market and present investors with an alluring chance to profit from its quick rise.


In an unpredictable market with sharp swings, James, D’great’s forecast provides a window into an era where underdogs become heroes and conventional wisdom is questioned. With a price of less than $0.02, Hump (HUMP) is positioned to change the game and exceed expectations as it approaches a revolutionary journey. One thing is certain as investors prepare for the ninety-day countdown to James, D’great’s anticipated milestone: the world of cryptocurrencies is full of surprises, and Hump might be the next great discovery.

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