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Forget Dogecoin: These Altcoins will rule 2024

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The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a bearish trend, with Dogecoin (DOGE) being a prime example. Despite a temporary rally, Dogecoin (DOGE) faces a potential decline due to bearish market structures and momentum. This situation was influenced by a debunked rumor about the Dogecoin (DOGE) mascot, which briefly affected prices. The market shows signs of bearish control, with a decrease in Open Interest for Dogecoin (DOGE) contracts and a bearish sentiment in the futures market.

In contrast to the downturn of Dogecoin (DOGE), there are several altcoins that are emerging as potential frontrunners in the crypto market for 2024. They are drawing attention for their innovative features and potential for growth, positioning themselves as strong contenders in the evolving digital asset landscape.

ScapesMania: A Newcomer to the Crypto Scene

ScapesMania is a one-of-a-kind gaming ecosystem, where crypto-savvy audiences join forces with the vibrant community of casual players, paving the way to substantial growth. The ScapesMania community is buzzing with enthusiasm, which is reflected in more than $4,445,000 raised from crowd/retail contributions to date.

Empowering Holders

ScapesMania ensures participants get precisely what they desire: gamers enjoy their favorite pastime, while crypto enthusiasts can leverage the ecosystem’s performance and shape its future through DAO, all without engaging in gameplay.

Furthermore, acquiring ScapesMania tokens unlocks extra perks. By joining the presale, you can access bonuses totaling up to 107%. You can also earn referral rewards by introducing ScapesMania to your friends. Plus, holders can participate in token buyback & burn events as well as staking.

Verified Excellence

ScapesMania’s smart contract has successfully undergone scrutiny from leading security-ranking companies, providing peace of mind for holders.

Behind ScapesMania is an award-winning team that secured a prestigious grant from a prominent player in the blockchain industry. The team is constantly engaging with a flourishing community of over 60K followers.

Potential for Expansion

ScapesMania is part of the massive $376 billion gaming industry, and its growth potential is fueled by this booming market. Already featured on major tracking platforms, ScapesMania is expected to hit major exchanges soon, with negotiations currently underway. After its debut on exchange platforms, holders can expect greater liquidity and easier access to trade.

In recent developments, a wave of momentum was created by crypto whales choosing ScapesMania as their next big potential gainer.

ScapeMania’s Prospects

ScapesMania tokens are currently a steal, priced at just $0.007711 per coin during the presale. As the last sales stage price is set at $0.01, early adopters could potentially be looking at a +30% return after the ScapesMania presale concludes. If you have shorter-term objectives, like saving money for a major purchase, the relatively small but quick potential returns can be just what you need. Of course, the already-advantageous ROI can only be just the beginning as ScapesMania has ambitious plans for its multi-stage post-listing development.

The innovative core concept, robust tokenomics, stage bonuses, and benefits for holders have the potential to further increase the project’s value. Generating more and more buzz with the fast-approaching launch, ScapesMania has many crypto experts marking their calendars, so now could be the best moment to become part of the community of the holders.

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Izumi Finance (IZI): Advancing DeFi with Innovative Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships

Izumi Finance (IZI), a Liquidity-as-a-Service (LaaS) decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, recently announced the successful completion of a $22 million fundraising round. This significant financial boost is earmarked for the early liquidity of their on-chain Order Book DEX product, iZiSwap Pro, which will operate on the zkSync Era network. The funding round, supported by investors like Unicode Digital, NextGen Digital Venture, Bella Protocol, and Incuba Alpha, marks a major milestone in the zkSync Era ecosystem.

Izumi Finance (IZI) has adopted an innovative fundraising approach by collaborating with Solv Protocol to release the “iZUMi zk-Fund” using Solv V3. This fund utilizes semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) based on Solv’s ERC-3525 token standard, allowing investors to become Limited Partners (LPs) and receive SFTs representing their investment. These SFTs provide real-time insights into key metrics like PnL and NAV, and their principal is redeemable at maturity.

The future of Izumi Finance (IZI) looks promising, given its recent successful funding and innovative approach to fundraising. The launch of iZiSwap Pro on Ethereum’s Layer 2 through zkSync Era could enhance its market presence. However, challenges may arise from the competitive DeFi landscape and the need to maintain technological advancements and user trust in a rapidly evolving sector.

Xai (XAI): Riding the Wave of Gaming and Blockchain Integration

Xai (XAI), a cryptocurrency focused on the gaming sector, has recently experienced a significant surge in its market value, with a 70% increase amidst a bullish market sentiment. Xai (XAI) price reached $1.10 USD, with a circulating supply of 277,118,150 Xai (XAI) coins and a max supply of 2,500,000,000 Xai (XAI) coins.

Xai (XAI) price increase can be attributed to several factors, including a recent airdrop that generated excitement in the crypto community, its listing on BNB as the 43rd project on BNB Launchpool, and its integration with other major exchanges like, KuCoin, and CoinEx. The airdrop and exchange listings have significantly increased Xai (XAI) visibility and liquidity.

The short-term outlook for Xai (XAI) appears positive, considering its recent airdrop, exchange listings, and the integration of blockchain with gaming experiences. Xai (XAI) unique focus on gaming, operating on a decentralized blockchain designed specifically for gamers, positions it well in the expanding gaming sector. However, challenges may include maintaining technological innovation, ensuring network stability, and competing in the crowded gaming and cryptocurrency markets.


The cryptocurrency landscape in 2024 is poised for a significant shift, with emerging altcoins like ScapesMania gaining prominence over established players like Dogecoin (DOGE). The latter’s current bearish trend, exacerbated by market dynamics and rumors, contrasts sharply with the innovative and growth-oriented trajectories of several altcoins. For example, ScapesMania, with its gaming-centric approach and attractive presale offers, is creating a buzz in the crypto community. This project does seem like the best pick out of the batch due to recent developments, including higher whale interest.

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