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30k+ Crypto Community Backs CZ in Dynamic Onchain Poll

In a significant demonstration of community backing, over 30,000 on-chain users have voiced their support for Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the founder of Binance, through a decentralized opinion poll on AlphaorBeta. This poll, powered by Opinion Labs, sought insights on whether CZ’s contributions to the cryptocurrency world outweigh his past regulatory challenges. Within just 24 hours, the poll garnered extensive participation from top opinion leaders and users alike, marking that the crypto community stands behind CZ.

The poll results were decisive: 81% of participants affirmed that CZ’s contributions indeed outweigh his past regulatory missteps. This strong endorsement from the community underscores the impact CZ has had on the cryptocurrency sector and highlights the widespread appreciation for his efforts.

Prominent cryptocurrency figures, including Ash Crypto, Pushpendra, and Crypto Rand, along with numerous others, have publicly supported CZ. Additionally, a grassroots movement on Twitter, under the hashtag #JusticeForCZ #JusticeForCrypto, has emerged, further amplifying the community’s voice in advocating for fair regulatory treatment. 

This is CZ.

In 6 years, he went from a $40M hack to building a $33,000,000,000 crypto empire.

Now in his peak, he faces a 3-year sentence from the DOJ.@cz_binance is one of crypto's top opinion leaders, and here's why his story matters to the crypto community:

— OpinionLabs (@opinionlabsxyz) April 29, 2024


This overwhelming show of community and industry support builds upon the substantial backing already illustrated by the 161 letters submitted to the presiding judge last week. These developments mark an important moment in demonstrating that the crypto community’s stance for CZ’s sentence.

As CZ’s legal proceedings continue to unfold, the implications of his case extend beyond an individual matter. The outcome could influence the broader landscape of U.S. innovation and regulation in the cryptocurrency industry, affecting how key players like Uniswap, Ripple, and Tornado Cash navigate their legal challenges.

The cryptocurrency industry is keenly aware of the need for clear rules and fair treatment. CZ’s case underscores the importance of establishing fair regulatory frameworks to ensure that the industry can continue to thrive and innovate.


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