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Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Accuses Sen. Warren Of Covering Up SBF Fraud

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In an escalating feud within the political and crypto arenas, John Deaton, a pro-XRP lawyer running for the Massachusetts Senate seat, has levied serious allegations against incumbent US Senator Elizabeth Warren. Deaton’s campaign, initiated in February, positions him as a Republican challenger to Warren, a Democrat known for her stringent stance on cryptocurrencies.

Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Goes Into Attack Mode

Through a statement on X, Deaton accused Senator Warren of playing a role in obscuring the fraudulent activities of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Deaton’s accusations center on Warren’s alleged failure to investigate or address the connections between SBF and various regulatory and governmental figures, despite the emerging details of SBF’s trial and his political donations.

“Sam Bankman-Fried now claims that he wasn’t aware stealing money from customers and using it for political donations was illegal,” Deaton stated, referencing SBF’s trial where it was revealed that the FTX founder had donated $10 million to the Biden Administration.

Deaton highlighted SBF’s interactions with key regulatory figures, including SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the CFTC, US Treasury, as well as then Chairwoman Maxine Waters of the US House Committee on Financial Services. “The reason he gave the money, according to the evidence, was ‘in order to buy access,'” Deaton elaborated, shedding light on SBF’s numerous meetings with top regulatory officials.

Deaton’s allegations extended beyond SBF’s personal actions to include a broader critique of the regulatory and political environment surrounding cryptocurrencies. “Now ask yourself, why did the DOJ dismiss the criminal trial against SBF related to violating campaign finance laws? The American people deserve transparency when it comes to their elected representatives.”

Specifically, he also targeted Warren’s lack of inquiry into SBF’s relationships with key figures such as SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, despite her vocal stance on the risks posed by cryptocurrencies. “Considering her aggressive stance on crypto, why not?” Deaton questioned, suggesting a double standard in Warren’s approach to crypto regulation versus her treatment of SBF’s case.

The accusations also delve into the financial and political connections of SBF’s family, particularly his parents, who Deaton alleges received $10 million in FTX customer money. The pro-XRP lawyer highlighted their ownership of luxury real estate and suggested that their lack of charges might be due to their political connections, including with Senator Warren.

“His mother, Barbara Fried, runs a Democratic Super PAC called Mind the Gap. When Senator Warren ran for President, SBF’s father, Joe Bankman, helped formulate Senator Warren’s tax plan,” Deaton noted, pointing to the intertwined relationships between SBF’s family and Democratic political figures.

He added, “Joe Bankman happens to also be an expert in creating shell companies for the purposes of tax avoidance. Look at the shell corporations he helped design for his son.”

Overall, Deaton’s campaign against Warren is not just a political rivalry but also a manifestation of the ongoing debate within the US about the role of cryptocurrencies and their regulation. “Regular people are sick and tired of different rules being applied to Washington insiders. We need real leadership in Washington DC,” Deaton concluded, emphasizing his call for transparency and equity in both politics and crypto.

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