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Trust crypto wallet sorts out its conflict with the Google Play Store 

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Trust crypto wallet sorts out its conflict with the Google Play Store  3

Trust crypto wallet was not available temporarily on Google PlayStore, but the MetaMask team managed the matter in a very short period.

Trust wallet is a popular Crypto wallet, a subsidiary of the Binance crypto exchange. This wallet is known for its multiple crypto networks support as well as Defi protocols which allow Trust wallet users to trade crypto tokens on any network with full safety & security under a fully decentralised environment.

On 29 April 2024, the Trust Wallet team informed that Google PlayStore removed its app. 

The crypto wallet team informed that the Google PlayStore team already warned about this action and in response the Trust wallet team submitted the necessary appeal a week ago but unfortunately, they took this action before reviewing the appeal. 

📢 Important announcement for Android users 📢

Unfortunately, Google has temporarily removed our app from the Play Store. Google notified us of this potential action, and we submitted an appeal weeks ago. However, while awaiting a response from Google to our appeal, Google…

— Trust Wallet (@TrustWallet) April 29, 2024

The Trust Wallet team showed very quick action on this matter to bring the app back on PlayStore and successfully managed to bring the app back in within 3 hours. 

Ok, well that was sorted quickly..! The Android version of the app is back on the Google Play Store 💙

Let's continue #BUIDLing, checking charts & touching grass

— Trust Wallet (@TrustWallet) April 29, 2024

Trust wallet token  price action 

The current trade price of the Trust wallet token (TWT) is $1.044. We can see in the price chart, that the trade price of this token faced a sudden downfall as well as a sudden pump, following different news within 3 hours. 

Trust crypto wallet sorts out its conflict with the Google Play Store  2

Trust wallet warns Apple iMessage users 

Nearly 10 days ago, the Trust Wallet team urged the iOS version of Trust Wallet users to disable the iMessage app. 

As per a report, a person was selling hacking code on the Dark web. 

Security experts said that hacking script code could hack an iPhone without clicking any link & without any kind of OTP use.

1/2: ⚠️ Alert for iOS users: We have credible intel regarding a high-risk zero-day exploit targeting iMessage on the Dark Web.

This can infiltrate your iPhone without clicking any link. High-value targets are likely. Each use raises detection risk. #CyberSecurity

— Trust Wallet (@TrustWallet) April 15, 2024

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