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Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange published an updated table for better clarity for creditors 

Some Reddit users noted that the Mt.Gox website updated some details and showed an updated unfilled table to provide more clarity to the Mt.Gox creditors regarding paid/unpaid balance.

Mt.Gox was a popular Bitcoin exchange that started in 2010. It became highly popular because lots of people were using it to buy and sell Bitcoin due to fiat support. But in early 2014, it got hacked by someone. The people who ran MtGox tried to cover up the hack by changing the data records of what happened. Many users said their money vanished from the site. After looking deep into it, they found out MtGox was also doing illegal stuff like washing dirty money and messing with their customers’ transactions. 

For the last 10 years, the Mt.Gox trustee has been doing their best to give the fund withdrawal of Mt.Gox creditors back. In the past, many times they announced fund withdrawal schedules but every time they postponed due to different reasons.

Last time, in Dec 2023, MtGox sent an email to all the MtGox creditors to inform them that they introduced the Repayment Status’ and Repayment Status Details display functions on the website. 

After that mail, the majority of the MtGox creditors thought that they would now start the withdrawal of funds but later only a few numbers of people confirmed that they received partial amounts of funds.
Panic Among #Bitcoin Traders Starts, As #MtGox Started Repayment Process

— YOLO (@_YOLOmeme_io) December 26, 2023

On 21 April 2024, Some Reddit users talked about some updates. 

Reddit users noted that the MtGox website was showing some kind of issues while loading a few days ago but today they updated an unpopulated table (blank table). 

In the table, we can see that the table is blank but they listed Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Yen as the options for fund withdrawal.

— Bitcoinik (@Bitcoinikdotcom) April 21, 2024

Discussion among Reddit users showed their disappointment with the MtGox trustee because of multiple delays in the fund’s withdrawal plan. 

Some people said that they’re doing formalities to show that they’re doing something for the former MtGox creditors but in actuality, they are doing nothing.

While some Reddit users said that it is a sign that they’re doing ahead of the fund withdrawal scheduled plan, no matter if they’re late, at least working to withdraw funds to compensate the customers.

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