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Hackers Allege Access to 400K Bitfinex Crypto Accounts, Bitfinex CTO dismisses

Hackers Allege Access to 400K Bitfinex Crypto Accounts, Bitfinex CTO dismisses 2

A hacking group claimed that they accessed a total of 4 lakh accounts of Bitfinex crypto exchange, while Bitfinex CTO dismissed these claims.

Recently notorious hacking group FSOCIETY claimed on its dark web homepage that they successfully hacked several victims which included crypto exchange BitFinex.

The hacking group claimed that they had access to 2.5TB of Bitfinex exchange information and the personal details of 400k users. They said that would publish all the hacked users’ KYC documents publicly if Bitfinex did not complete their demands.


Hacking group #fsociety claims to have stolen 2.5 TB of data from their servers including cleartext passwords of about 400.000 users. #bitcoin #crypto #Ransomware

— Jimmy McShill⚡️ (@JimmyMcShill) May 4, 2024

In response, Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino said that hackers spread fake news around the Bitfinex crypto exchange because only 5k out of 25k shared email addresses belong to the Bitfinex users list.

Paolo noted that if that was part of the Bitfinex database then we would expect 100% matching.

Furthermore, the Bitfinex CTO also noted that the alleged hackers did not reach out to the Bitfinex team for any kind of ransom. Their post was published on the 25th of April, allowing a 7-day window for contact. However, it was only discovered yesterday. It was suggested that if they possessed genuine information, they would have requested a ransom through our bug bounty program, customer support ticket, emails, Twitter, etc. but no such request could be found.

In the final words, the CTO said that no person can download users’ KYC documents in bulk but still the Bitfinex security expert will keep monitoring to fight against any kind of unethical activity continuously.

Everyone panicking for a potential database breach on bitfinex.
Tldr: seems fake.

The alleged hackers have posted 2 mega links with sample data contains 22.5k records of email and passwords.
– we don't store plaintext passwords, nor 2FA secrets in clear text.
– only 5k of 22.5k…

— Paolo Ardoino 🍐 (@paoloardoino) May 4, 2024

It seems the trade price of Bitfinex’s native token called “UNUS SED LEO” (LEO) remains unfazed following a small sudden dump.

This token was launched by cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in May 2019 as a utility token. LEO token can be used to reduce trading fees on the Bitfinex platform and participate in certain activities like token burns and token sales.

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