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Bearish sentiments around the $Eclip crypto token surges, as CEO faces allegations of sexual misconduct

Bearish sentiments around the $Eclip crypto token surges, as CEO faces allegations of sexual misconduct 2

Neel Somani stepped down from the Eclipse CEO position, following serious allegations of sexual misconduct.

Eclipse is a special token made on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. People can use this token to buy things on platforms made by Eclipse. The first platform announced is Eclipse Charts, which helps track BSC tokens using charts. 

On 10 May 2024, Eclipse Labs announced that Eclipse CEO Neel Somani decided to temporarily step down from his role, to maintain the reputation of Eclipse & also defend himself against the alleged sexual misconduct. 

Eclipse remains committed to maintaining the highest personal and professional standards, including gender equality and fair treatment. The team takes allegations against our CEO, Neel Somani, seriously and believes in the importance of truth.

— Eclipse 🌑 (@EclipseFND) May 9, 2024

They also expressed anticipation in revealing additional background and details concerning the senior leaders at Eclipse in the upcoming days. They conveyed confidence in having assembled a top-tier team capable of achieving remarkable success as a crypto protocol.

Furthermore, Eclipse Labs added that they will always remain focused on filling the gap between Ethereum & Solana and creating an innovative & powerful blockchain for the future of the crypto industry.

On the same day, Neel Somani also talked about this decision publicly and said that it was a necessary decision to not only defend himself but also to save the reputation of Eclipse Labs. 

Neel added that there are better leaders with Eclipse Labs, who will take the responsibility to handle the CEO role until he gets out of the case hurdle.

So I'll be temporarily reducing my role as a public face for Eclipse. The senior leaders at Eclipse are well equipped to take on these responsibilities and this will allow these conversations to unfold and the truth to emerge about these allegations.

— neelsalami.eth 🌑 (@neelsalami) May 9, 2024

The current trade price of the $Eclip token is $0.16 & this trade price has been 55% down since the last 5 months.

$Eclip Token

— Bitcoinik (@Bitcoinikdotcom) May 10, 2024

It seems the latest negative report about Eclipse Labs CEO failed to put any negative impact on the native token trade price but it will be interesting to see the price fluctuations in the next 1 week.

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