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Venture Capitalists Continue Investing in Crypto Startups Despite Cautious Outlook

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Key Takeaways

While venture capital (VC) investment in crypto and blockchain startups rose in Q4 2023, overall funding levels remain below previous peaks. However, several factors are motivating continued VC interest, such as Bitcoin’s recent price surge and opportunities for high-risk/high-reward investments. Successful startups will need compelling value propositions and dedication to solving real problems.

Focus on Specific Markets and Strong Technology

Crypto re-staking startup EigenLayer recently received $100 million in funding, while decentralization-focused fund Hack VC established a $150 million pool for related projects. However, VCs like Innovating Capital general partner Anthony Georgiades recommend targeting niche markets and developing sound technology to mitigate risk for inexperienced investors now entering the space.

Executive director Phillip Shoemaker of cites “fear of missing out” as a driver of continued VC investment in digital assets. However, CoinLedger CEO David Kemmerer notes startups must offer inclusive, innovative approaches to stand out. Additionally, BDE Ventures CEO Brian Evans emphasizes addressing real problems to attract post-boom selective investors.

Founder Credentials and Transparency Critical

According to Ramy Bekhiet of PDX Global, transparency and honesty have become more important for gaining VC trust after bankruptcies in 2022. Startups should ensure strong founder backgrounds aligned with their projects. Symbolic Capital’s Maksym Repa also stressed the importance of networking and compelling pitches for gaining investor interest.


While caution persists, opportunities for high-reward blockchain bets continue attracting venture dollars. However, startups must address concrete issues, exhibit founder dedication, and mitigate risks to secure funding in this selective environment. Compelling value propositions, transparent operations, and targeting niche needs could help promising projects attract renewed VC interest.

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