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BLOCKLORDS CEO Looks to Web3 as the Future of Gaming

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David Johansson, CEO of the Web3 strategy MMO game BLOCKLORDS, believes the gaming industry is undergoing a major shift toward blockchain-based games. He cites recent layoffs at major Web2 gaming companies and increasing investment in Web3 gaming as indications the sector is primed for growth. Johansson draws on his background in Hollywood film and Chinese gaming to spearhead BLOCKLORDS’ evolution into a leading Web3 game.

A Shift Toward Web3 Gaming

With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, David Johansson has witnessed firsthand the rise of Web3 gaming. As CEO of BLOCKLORDS, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game integrated with the blockchain since 2018, Johansson suggests recent layoffs at gaming giants like Amazon and Microsoft could signal a “brain drain” toward more promising opportunities in the emerging Web3 space (Twitter). He believes the influx of capital and talent moving to Web3 gaming will stimulate job creation and innovation.

BLOCKLORDS itself struggled initially to raise funds but found success winning $80,000 in a NEO blockchain competition and $30,000 from TRON. This allowed expansion of their team and the launch of Seascape Network in 2020, a technology platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) in gaming. Seascape went on to raise $500,000 with Binance as the lead investor (Seascape).

User Acquisition and Community Building are Key

With a community of over 60,000 players, BLOCKLORDS has airdropped 300,000 tokens to users, considering such initiatives “secret sauces” for growth in the space. As user acquisition evolved, allowing for broader advertising, the team sought a $4 million raise but unexpectedly closed $15 million from notable backers (article). For Johansson, community involvement through channels like Telegram and Discord is vital for retention (Twitter).

An Industry Primed for Growth

With a background spanning the film industry in Hollywood and gaming in China, Johansson believes his experience uniquely positions him to lead BLOCKLORDS’ evolution. He expects Web3 to gradually claim more market share from traditional games as the benefits become clear. Johansson argues the substantial influx of capital and available jobs in the space will strengthen the industry overall. Looking to the future, he believes BLOCKLORDS and partners like Metaking Studios are well-poised to thrive as the backdrop increasingly favors innovative, community-driven Web3 games.

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