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Feb 04th 2018 00:00

An investment platform for building cryptofunds

Tokens and subtokens
One of the advantages of the NEM platform, which is basis for the, is the ability of creating of subsidiary tokens, which in turn will allow to create subsidiary tokens on the basis of a Fund token and to reduce the value of the fund.
The quantity of the created subsidiary tokens is unlimited and will allow investors to choose suitable fund products according to requirements of profitability and risks. All this will simplify a goal of creating of the fund to a simple, one, two, three.

Licensing and expanded functions
The undoubted advantage is a legal service and an expanded set of options, as currency deposit/withdraw on the exchanges without API, reduced fees for the platform certified funds.
Certification takes passes with the signing the contract between fund and and depositing into the reserve fund by the founders of a fund. Analysts of a platform will consider funds with a low risk and an increased profitability, and by certifying only the best companies.