Latest Nxt - Historical Price Chart

NXT cryptocurrency is considered to be a 2nd generation. It is an advanced blockchain platform, which builds on and improves the basic functionality of other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. NXT brings a lot more to the table, and has been designed with this purpose in mind. It is a proof of stake model which makes it far less susceptible to 51% attacks, and is designed to support large transaction volumes, which is something that Bitcoin, and other similar cryptocurrencies have as a flaw. Unlike others, it allows the creation and exchange of custom tokens, coloured coins and different assets on the Blockchain.

Just last year, in 2016, the NXT team, announced the launch of the Ardor, the new and improved version of NXT. It allows the same features as NXT, but additional tools like sidechain support for asset insurance. The price of the ARDR token spiked during the latter part of 2016 because it was done through a snapshot process.