Latest EOS - Historical Price Chart

EOS tokens are ERC-20 tokens that have been distributed on the Ethereum blockchain, which are related to the ERC-20 smart contract. These are also known as the ‘EOS Tokens, where the founder’s tokens represent 10%, and are currently help in Smart Contracts.

The ICO is then divided into two different phases. Phase one is split into two periods – 1 offers 20% of the total supply, and period 2 offers 70% to investors. The second phase, phase 2 is split into 350 consecutive 23hour periods, selling 2 min EOS tokens each period. 10% of these is held by the team in smart contracts.

EOS boasts a very experienced team, with many years in the industry. Everyone who is closely involved with this platform have a wealth of experience in a different area, which means that they can all bring something valuable to the concept, ensuring that it is as good as it can be.