Latest DigitalCash - Historical Price Chart

DigitalCash is a system which allows you to purchase cash credits in small amounts, before storing them in your computer, and then spending them when making electronic purchases over the internet. There are many merchants who accept this form of cryptocurrency, and it is proving to be very popular.

It works by using a new chained hashing algorithm approach, which uses a lot of new scientific hashing algorithms for proof-of-work. DigitalCash, or DASH as it is known, aims to be the first privacy-centric cryptocurrency, which has fully encrypted transactions, as well as anonymous block transactions. A feature that they are naming PrivateSend.

PrivateSend does just what you would expect from the name – it makes your transactions completely untraceable by mixing your DASH coins with other users who are using the feature the same time as you.

Just like other forms of cryptocurrencies, you can earn a number of rewards, by hosting a master node, which will help to maintain the Blockchain. However, you must have a balance of at least 100 DASH, to be able to host a master node. This is a requirement, in order to avoid 51% attacks on the network.