Latest Bitcoin - Historical Price Chart

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around, and it uses peer-to peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. The network surround Bitcoins issues the coins and manages any transactions. Bitcoin is an open-source network that is open to everyone. Unlike others, it is not owned by anyone in particular, and anyone can own or take part in Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the first decentralised cryptocurrency, that is unlike others.

Since Bitcoins arrival, it has seen many highs, and actually has the largest variety of markets and the biggest value of any cryptocurrency there is. It reached a peak of 18billion USD, going some way to prove that Bitcoins are very much here to stay! It is the most traded cryptocurrency, and is often the one that people think of when they consider different cryptocurrencies. It is worth bearing in mind though that the price is very unstable and can go up and down by as much as 10-20% in a single day!

Despite this though, Bitcoin is still a relatively new concept, which means that there are some flaws and improvements that have to be made throughout, but this is where Bitcoin really excels. They have a highly dedicated team of developers, who are constantly working hard to make these improvements, and cross and obstacles that they encounter.

There are 21,000,000 total minable SHA-256 POW Bitcoins. The block time for Bitcoin is 10 minutes, and you can trade US dollars for Bitcoins, crypto to Bitcoin, along with many other currencies as well.