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TRON Educational Events Aim To Boost Adoption

The marketing team over at TRON have started to roll out an Educational Events Series in order to make regular people better acquainted with the blockchain and crypto world. The TRON Foundation are believers that it is crucial to help people understand emerging technologies like blockchain. So even though crypto has been a thing for around ten years now and it is around about the same for blockchain, for the big part of the world’s population, these two concepts are still quite vague. But TRON is now trying to put some light on this world. At the start of this...

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TRON Now Supported On eToro

One of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the industry, TRON is about to join fourteen other digital currencies on the multi-asset exchange and social trading community known as, eToro. This means that TRON will now be available for purchase and trading by eToro’s over ten million active users alongside other high volume cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, EOS, Dash, Ethereum. For those that don’t know, eToro empowers people to invest on their own terms. The platform enables people to trade and invest in the assets that they want to from stocks and commodities to crypto assets. According to a recent announcement published on...

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TRON CEO’s Twitter Sarcasm Directed At Buterin & ETH

The founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun is well known in the cryptocurrency community. He is almost always active through his official Twitter page to keep TRON enthusiasts satisfied and up to date with what’s happening with the project. Sun also likes to fuel debates between TRON and other cryptocurrencies. In the past, Sun has been known to make a few digs at crypto teams like the Ethereum Foundation. In throwing some shade at Ethereum and its co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Sun asserted that if TRON finally succeeds, the firm would be happy to put up a statue for Vitalik...

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Is Justin Sun Buying His Twitter Followers?

Justin Sun is the popular CEO of the decentralised project, TRON and according to a recent analysis of Suns new 50,000 Twitter followers, it seems that 20,000 of them are zero-day accounts created this month with next to no followers of tweets. A researcher focusing on Twitter bot manipulation, Geoff Goldberg says that many of these 20,000 Twitter account all have something in common such as the barely any followers, tweets nor profile pictures. Furthermore, they all also have eight numbers after their ‘name’ which is an indication that they are mass created by some kind of software. In mapping...

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Will TRON Keep Prevailing Over Ethereum

Since smart contracts came onto the blockchain, the race has been on between dApp platforms to lead in the space. Even though mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto is years off, this has given some of the top crypto projects to fight for the number one spot in the meantime. Ethereum is currently the most renowned blockchain platform, but its transaction speed and scalability issues give developers a reason to doubt it. Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency in the market right now but there seems to be another project that is showing a lot of promise, TRON. TRON made...

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