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Liverpool FC Respond to TRON’s Partnership Misunderstanding

Last week saw some of the top crypto platforms receive what looked like an invitation from Liverpool Football Club. TRON was one of these platforms and Liverpool have come out to say that they don’t plan on collaborating with TRON which left people a tad confused on what is going on. Scouse Football A spokesperson from Liverpool confirmed that the club had sent this invitation to several blockchain firms in order to better study their company and DLT overall to keep up with recent tech trends. This invitation got Justin Sun excited for a minute as he sent out this...

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TRON Fights on with 400 dApps in the Headlights

The TRON Foundation keeps pushing forward with new partnerships and developments to make them one of the best crypto projects around. Decentralised applications (dApps) are where TRON seem to thrive and according to the Dapp Review website, the amount of dApps on TRON is now almost at 400. Dapp Review tracks blockchain apps on several platforms. Currently, it records 397 dApps that created on TRON. The TRON Foundation has managed to reach this milestone in less than 200 days. The whole process began in autumn of last year when the TRON Virtual Machine kicked off. In the dApp field, TRON...

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TRON to Partner with Liverpool FC?

The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun sent out a tweet yesterday that the TRON Foundation will become a partner with the Premier League football club Liverpool FC. A spokesperson for Liverpool has reportedly told Decrypt Media that “Liverpool Football Club has confirmed that it does not have a partnership with Tron.” Sun didn’t include any specific details about the nature of the upcoming partnership through which has been since denied. Although the tweet did feature a short video which showed an invitation from Liverpool with the TRON logo appearing in the video. The CEO of TRON claimed that he is...

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Justin Sun Wants 2000 dApps on TRON Blockchain By EOY

Every day it seems to be that the TRON ecosystem is growing and at an alarming rate at that. At the head of TRON is Justin Sun who is dedicated to creating one of the crucial blockchains across the globe and it seems that this goal is getting closer despite what the critics say about his. One way to understand the success of a blockchain is through the number of projects developed around it. In this sense, TRON has a big advantage in terms of growth because it is the blockchain that registers the highest amount of new dApps on...

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The Future Of TRON’s Ecosystem

TRON and Ethereum are two of some of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency space and the professional rivalry between the two projects is talked about a lot in the industry. That rivalry specifically comes from the founders of the two projects, Justin Sun (TRON) and Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum). Depending on who you support, Sun seems to be winning this battle and with the official launch of USDT-TRON, the question lingers as to whether TRON could be propelled strides ahead of Ethereum. According to Sun, TRON’s main focus is to surpass Ethereum in dApps and smart contracts. So far though,...

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