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Justin Sun Slightly Bitter Over TRON CTO Leaving Project

Even though TRON has been making ground all the place in this past year, that hasn’t stopped the Chief Technical Officer (now former) leaving the project. Background It all began on 10th May when Lucien Chen announced his resignation from the project. It wasn’t just that Chen left because he was offered a better-paid job or because he was relocating and was forced to change jobs but it was instead because he didn’t believe the project was doing what it set out to initially do. Decentralise the internet. So Chen decided to leave the project in order to follow his...

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TRON: Is it Truly Decentralised? (2019)

One of the most popular projects ongoing in the crypto space right now is TRON. Even though it is fronted by Justin Sun, there are a lot of people working on the project including Lucien Chen. Although, Chen has actually just this week announced that he is leaving the TRON project over claims that the firm is no longer decentralised and it has run away from its goal of “creating a decentralised internet”. So yes, the CTO - now former CTO - of TRON has left the project although this wasn’t his only reason for leaving. Chen and Sun jointly...

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TRON Co-Founder Leaves Claiming the Project is No Longer Decentralised

Usually, when you think of TRON you will most likely think of Justin Sun but the other co-founder of the project, Lucien Chen is who we’re going to be talking about today. Chen recently made a concerning remark in regards to the TRON network by saying that “it is no longer decentralized.” In a recent blog post on Medium, Chen talks about his new project, Volume Network. This project has been dubbed as, in his words, rebuilding TRON. In speaking on his time at TRON and the growth of VOL, he says: “During my two years in TRON, I felt...

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NEO & TRON: Are They on the Same Level?

Both TRON and NEO have similar goals, in that they work towards making the future of blockchain better. Although NEO has been dubbed as the ‘Ethereum of China’, we should highlight that the objective of Da Hang is to create a smart economy based on the blockchain. We’d say that it is a worthy competitor of Ethereum and not just a ‘copy’ of its platform. TRON & NEO Also against NEO is TRON, one of the most popular blockchain companies in the space right now. TRON is building a platform where users are able to migrate from Ethereum to their...

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ETH Co-Founder, Joe Lubin Talks on EOS & TRON Rivals

The CEO of ConsenSys and one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Joe Lubin has shared his thoughts on some of the popular blockchains in the ecosystem. He has made it clear that his expectations are quite demanding and he isn’t getting carried away with promises or by market cap. Speaking on the 51% podcast with the host, Tom Shaughnessy, Lubin explained that while he acknowledges that TRON and EOS have proven to be successful in getting the support of investors, from his point of view, they cannot meet the expectations of their users. For Ethereum, the main competition comes from...

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