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TRON Remains In Disadvantaged Position In The Midst Of MainNet Launch

#TRON #TRX $TRX Letter to the community: Odyssey 2.0 A call for independence. Another journey of TRON, are you ready for the ride? Stay tuned for 6/26 SR Election. Let's hit the road.? — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) May 31, 2018 Yesterday saw the initiation of the well anticipated TRON MainNet launch. The launch see’s TRON move from the Ethereum blockchain onto its own, brand-new, shiny blockchain. At the moment, the MainNet is in a beta-phase, meaning that testing is still on going and that bugs will exist. As a result of this, TRON have recently raised a bounty...

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Keen Eye For Bugs? Here’s How You Could Make $100K On The TRON MainNet

Calling all developers! #TRON mainnet is live on #github and we’re offering up to $100K in #bugbounty rewards. Bring your A game. $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) May 31, 2018 The all new, TRON MainNet is released today and thus, this marks the day the TRON network migrates from the Ethereum blockchain, onto its own native blockchain. With it, we will see TRX leave behind the Ethereum ERC-20 format and become a brand new, independent token of its own. This is a highly anticipated event, with TRON showing a great deal of promise for the future. Justin Sun, the...

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TRON Hours Away From MainNet Launch So Why Is TRX Still Losing Value

The vast majority of crypto-fanatics expected that, leading up to the launch of the TRON MainNet, we would see values skyrocket. Of course, the damp climate surrounding the markets has hampered the progression of many currencies and thus, many people have managed to blame the fall of TRON on this, however, as it stands the markets are pulsing upwards in a trend that seems to have left TRON behind. Overall, TRON is making no progress, with the MainNet launch looming, this isn’t what people expected to see. How is TRON doing now? At the time of writing, TRON is valued...

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TRON Can’t Shake The Shackles Of The Bear Market

TRON is about to witness the biggest change in its history, yet, as it stands it is still struggling to shake the shackles of the bear market, constantly losing value, at times, as a rapid rate. As the value of TRON declines towards the launch of the TRON MainNet, we can’t see how TRON will recover once the MainNet is live. Of course, TRON will see a spike in value and possibly in market cap/trading volume, however, given the damage TRON has sustained over the past two weeks, it’s very hard to predict what sort of value TRON will be...

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The Crypto Refresh May 28th

TGIM! (Thank God Its Monday?) We usually do this on Friday, but Monday works too right? It’s Crypto Refresh time, the time of the week when we re-do the news for you. In case you’ve been asleep all week, or in case you’ve been far too busy to check us out, we like to give you a helping hand. A fresh review of the week’s news stories, served to you on a plate with lashings of gravy, all the trimmings and a big slice of fulfilment. It’s the TL;DR of the week! The rise and fall of TRON TRON and...

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