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TRON Remains Flat In Lead Up To Independence Day

To re-cap, the 31st of May 2018 saw the roll out of the TRON MainNet, the beginning of a new era for TRON, TRX and the TRON Foundation. This sees TRON move away from the Ethereum blockchain with TRX finding a new home within a native token, away from Ethereum’s popular ERC-20 format. Because of this, June has been marked as a transition period for TRON, as exchanges and wallets prepare for the token migration and of course, as investors prepare for MainNet changes. As a part of this, June is seeing a beta-version of the MainNet which in turn,...

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Yet Another New Exchange Listing For TRON’s TRX

It’s hardly news when TRON meets another new exchange listing, frankly, TRX seems to be added to new listings with new pairs on an almost daily basis. It’s a good thing and it is certainly bolstering TRON’s plan for domination, but, as we can see, it’s a pretty long game at the moment. Okay, so if TRON got listed on Coinbase for example, this would be a major headline, granted, however the exchanges TRON seems to keep getting listed on could be considered as a little more mediocre. Of course, they are still very important listings in the grand scheme...

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Could We See TRON Listed On FOREX?

More news out for TRON this week, in the wake of the TRON MainNet launch. Incase you haven’t kept up with the story, TRON is now moving from the Ethereum blockchain onto its own custom blockchain. With this, TRON’s TRX token will migrate from the Ethereum ERC-20 format in which it presently resides, to a new, native TRX token. The MainNet is now live, however the full roll out will continue over the month. This will allow time for wallets and exchanges to update to the new tokens and moreover, will allow developers to locate any bugs or issues within...

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Will TRON Hit Top 3 In This New Timeline?

It is now pretty common knowledge that the TRON foundation wants to see TRX in amongst the top three cryptocurrencies for market capitalisation. Of course, TRON have a long way to go before they can achieve this, however, their new map and new timeline seems to make good stead towards this. The #TRON mainnet launch livestream recap is up! Independence is just weeks away. Get ready... $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) June 3, 2018 Okay, if you take a look at the standings, the roll out of the TRON MainNet on the 31st of May hasn’t had the best...

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The Crypto Refresh 2nd June

Long story short, our famed Crypto Refresh is now moving to Saturday. The team have made an executive decision and that’s that. Hey, if anything it gives you something to do on Saturdays now, right? Sit back and relax, whilst we take you on a journey through time and space, on the way, stopping off at the weeks landmark events for you to embark on a tour of our universe for your viewing pleasure. Get clued up with the latest news once more in our weekly round up of all things crypto. As a week, the latter quarter of May...

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