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Twitter Pay A Visit To TRON, Are They About To Lift The Crypto Advertising Ban?

Twitter has visited #TRON office today! Very exciting! #TRX $TRX @Twitter @Tronfoundation — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) 11 July 2018 Yesterday, members of the Twitter management team paid a visit to the TRON Foundation, raising questions about their justifications for this visit. Are they about to announce a partnership? Perhaps Twitter are about to lift the crypto ban, or perhaps this is more of an attempt from Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, to get Twitter on board one of his projects? According to Ethereum World News: “It appears Twitter and Tron (TRX) are discussing something very vital. Justin Sun,...

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Market Update - BTC, XLM, TRX, XMR Down Once More

As we enter the middle of the week, the crypto markets are continuing to fall. Since yesterday alone, major cryptos have lost an awful lot of value and as it stands, the fall is set to continue through the rest of the week. We are expecting to see a similar to trend to what we have seen over the past few weeks. Prices will bottom out to new lows and then prices will spike again through correction. After this, the negative climate will take hold again, etc etc. It’s boring, it’s repetitive and it is what we are seeing at...

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TRON Update, TRX Price And First TRONICS Volunteers Selected

With TRON now almost back on track after a couple of months of updates, including a mainnet rollout and a token migration, we are now finally seeing the TRON Foundation regain some balance and some normality. As a part of the new TRON era and TRON independence, the foundation have released a new volunteer programme that sees the election of a number of new TRONICS members. These members are special bearing on the TRON ecosystem and are going to be very important figures in the development and longevity of TRON and the TRON Foundation. According to the recent post on...

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Top Four Breakout Coins For July 2018 - BTC, EOS, TRX, & ETC

As we settle into July 2018, we want to explore some of the coins that have the potential to breakout this month. This is mostly because we want to inject some faith back into the markets. The past few months have been pretty low for the value of cryptocurrencies and as a result, the community is feeling a little withdrawn. This is an attempt to cheer you all up a little bit, at the very least, so here we have it - Crypto Daily’s top four breakout coins for July 2018! Before we begin, please remember that this is not...

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Google Trends Doesn’t Actually Show An Increase In The Popularity Of XRP Or TRX

We have seen a number of reports recently that discuss how Google Trends can be used to prove there is a huge demand for Ripple XRP and TRON TRX at the moment. Because of this, we decided to run a little investigation into the topic. What we see is that actually, the popularity of Ripple XRP and TRON TRX within Google searches is far too volatile report on. In essence, the data is so bouncy that in reality, the data can’t be used to support this claim that Ripple XRP and TRON TRX have grown in popularity, especially when you...

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