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Here’s What Happened To TRON TRX - Crypto’s Latest Superstar

 TRON, the project owned and managed by Justin Sun, backed by the TRX cryptocurrency, and led by a community managed by the TRON Foundation. 2018 has been a very important year for one of cryptocurrencies newest additions. Though young, the TRON project has grown from strength to strength, reaching new heights and pleasing investors in the process. 2018 has seen some landmark achievements, from reaching Coinmarketcap’s top ten to the full launch and roll out of the TRON mainnet, things did look super promising for this project. Now though, it almost seems that the brakes are on and that...

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Which Of These Ethereum Killers Will Take The Top Spot?

We’re not suggesting that Ethereum will be crushed by it’s rivals, however it is worth thinking about. In a market that allows it, it’s not unrealistic to imagine Ethereum being knocked off it’s podium by one of it’s many competitors. This isn’t a bad thing of course, competition is healthy after all. The reason Ethereum is ranked second for market capitalisation is simple, the Ethereum project is huge, it’s super successful and it’s often considered to be Blockchain 2.0, marking an era of improving technologies. In order to appreciate the full scale of Ethereum, we need to explore just how...

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TRON Continue To Push Into European Markets

TRON are continuing their expansion out of Asia and into Europe with some new exchange listing announcements. Since the launch of the TRON mainnet and the development of the new native TRX token, TRON has struggled to keep up the momentum the original Ethereum based project has built up. At the time of writing, TRX is valued at just $0.020, ranked 13th for market capitalisation according to Coinmarketcap. During the rise of TRON and the mainnet launch, TRX managed to seep into the top ten cryptocurrencies, though this now seems to be a thing of the past. However, this doesn’t...

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You Can Now Swap TRON For Alternative Other Coins

TRON has now teamed up with another crypto company, the Satowallet-Multi Crypto wallet and Exchange. The partnership is beneficial for both parties involved, it brings TRON into Satowallet’s roster of supported tokens and also brings in a load of perks for the TRON community for example, customers can swap TRON for other cryptocurrencies, which is one of the biggest features of the Satowallet exchange. The aforementioned partnership with Satowallet and TRON was brought to the public's attention when the Tron Foundation retweeted a post by Satowallet’s CEO, Samuel Benedict on 27th August, who jokingly hinted that the partnership with TRON...

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Justin Sun (TRON) Still Optimistic On Crypto’s Future

Justin Sun, the founder of the popular cryptocurrency TRON has made his views on the future crystal clear saying that the crypto space will surge up to a 10 trillion US dollar market cap. Sun recently tweeted: “I do believe the entire world wealth will turn into cryptocurrencies like blackhole and grow much bigger in the future. Cryptocurrency will hit 10 trillion USD market cap before @Apple and @Amazon do. We will see. Time will tell.” This tweet was in direct response to the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, who had made some clarifications on what he believes the future...

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