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Sun Network Promises To Improve TRON

The impending roll out of the Sun Network promises to see a number of vast improvements take hold within the TRON ecosystem, including TRX the token native to the TRON project. Named after Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, the Sun Network is set to be launched at the end of this week and promises to offer TRON a totally unlimited capacity. One major issue with cryptocurrency is scalability in that all networks have clear limits. In many instances these limits have hampered the growth of cryptocurrencies, so, in order to prepare for a bigger future, Sun has created the...

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Is Justin Sun Too Controversial For TRON?

Just as controversial as he is popular, the CEO and founder of TRON Justin Sun has been a bit up in the air over these past few weeks. The genius mind behind the decentralised protocol has turned a few heads over this past year and this past month has been no exception. The fact is, is that Sun makes a lot of headlines from crypto news outlets like us but it's mainly due to his personality and antics rather than his work.  Despite winning a $4.5 million bid to sit down with Warren Buffet earlier this year, Sun cancelled last...

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TRON & BitTorrent: The Story Of Two Firm’s Under One Man

After having quite a turbulent few weeks, let’s take a look at TRON and its recently acquired BitTorrent subsidiary and what’s been happening with the two firms. CEO of both firms, Justin Sun worked on the idea that crypto needs to have a serious impact on big industries and by acquiring BitTorrent, TRON had its hopes set on changing the internet. It cost Sun $140 million to buy out BitTorrent last year. At the time Sun tweeted: “Proud to announce @BitTorrent and @uTorrent are now part of the #TRON family. BitTorrent is supported by over 100M active users. Together we...

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BitTorrent Founder Raises Yet ANOTHER Accusation Against Justin Sun

The TRON CEO, Justin Sun has caused quite the round of controversy this past week. After he initially cancelled his $4.5 million charity lunch with Warren Buffett due to a fight with kidney stones, Sun has been accused of everything under the sun (pardon the pun).  On top of Sun’s suspicious apology that he posted last week, the events surrounding his whereabouts and standing with the Chinese government authorities remain a mystery after the whole kidney stones fiasco. That being said, Sun was spotted at an influencer party last week in San-Francisco so that means he must be there! Then...

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Justin Sun Controversy Knocks Down TRX Price By 20%

Over the course of this week, a lot of news came out in regards to the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun after he cancelled the highly anticipated charity lunch between him and the American investor guru, Warren Buffett. Some of this news is still in rumour form so to speak but it has caused quite a stir amongst enthusiasts. Earlier in the week, these rumours got so bad and inflated that the price of TRX was affected, and not in a good way. Reports from Chinese media outlets suggested that Sun was charged by the nation’s authorities on internet safety...

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