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Stellar (XLM) Continues To Attract New Investors While Ripple (XRP) Struggles With Security Status

Investors in the digital payments industry have turned their attention to Stellar (XLM) as Ripple (XRP) just got served with another lawsuit concerning its legal status as a potential security. Stellar (XLM) has had a promising partner in IBM for quite some time now. With rumors that IBM is going to launch its own cryptocurrency using the Stellar blockchain, interest in this cryptocurrency has grown tremendously despite weak price action and a near term bearish outlook. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is still trading in a falling wedge against USD as can be seen above on the 1D chart. The price action...

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Stellar To Make Another Huge Acquisition

Stellar have been on a little bit of an acquisition crusade recently, pulling together partnerships left, right and centre. Partnerships go a very long way for both cryptocurrency adoption and of course the facilitation of blockchain technologies. In essence, partnerships like this exist as a trade off between sound financial backing from one entity (Stellar, in this instance) in exchange for access to innovative blockchain research and technology, which is when, in this instance, Chain come to the fore. Chain is a US based firm who aim to make the economy more connective. Their products are focused on blockchain technologies...

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Huge Philippines Bank Bored Of SWIFT, Perhaps Stellar Is The Solution

Reports out today discuss how the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), one of the top 10 banks in the Philippines is falling out of love with SWIFT, its current remittance service provider. As a result of this, RCBC are turning to IBM who have paid particular interest in blockchain technology in order to explore how such technology can improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of remittance services, for overseas Filipino workers (OFws’s). Initially, this will see IBM used to provide payment services to overseas workers from the Philippines who are working in Japan. According to CCN: “In the Philippines, cash...

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Paxos To Add Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash And Stellar

The Paxos Trust Company are a blockchain powered ‘trust’ who aim to use notions of trust to build products that simplify settlement and eliminate risk. According to Paxos: “Eliminating settlement risk starts with the ability to settle assets and payments simultaneously. That’s why Paxos combines regulated Trust status with distributed ledger technology to create a modern settlement platform.” Moreover, Paxos’ status as a regulated trust means that assets and cash are able to freely more around the Paxos platform. This platform uses blockchain technology to enable asset exchange and instantaneous payments. Find out more about Paxos, here- According to...

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Ripple, Stellar And Ethereum Classic All Approved

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) have recently published a new framework which highlights the countries changing stance on cryptocurrencies. Within this, the SEC have published information about fees and taxes, licensing and interestingly, a list of their seven approved cryptocurrencies. This is a very unique form of regulation as generally across the rest of the world we are seeing governments banning certain cryptocurrencies. The Thai SEC on the other hand seem to be doing the opposite and allowing just a few cryptocurrencies to be traded within Thailand. The seven approved cryptocurrencies by the Thai SEC are; Bitcoin,...

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