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XRP Ledger To Host Ripple-Backed Banking App

XRPL Labs - the innovative Ripple-backed startup has recently announced the development of a revolutionary new banking app based on the XRP Ledger called Xign. The news was announced at the recent Bitrue event in Amsterdam that took place at the end of May. Xign is a mobile app that acts as a banking app without the use of banks. It allows users to check balances and transfer dollars, euros, XRP and other cryptocurrencies. According to the founder of and one of the lead developers at XRPL Wietse Wind, the new app is very easy to use so that...

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How Banks are Pushing Ripple Adoption More than Ever Before

The founder of Gokhshtein Magazine, David Gokhshtein is a very big XRP supporter and thinks that Ripple is placing themselves in the perfect position to infiltrate the international financial system. Banks across the world are toying with the idea of creating their own cryptocurrencies. These bank-backed stablecoins would act as intermediaries between fiat and crypto for institutions and some individuals. According to Gokhshtein, as these financial giants wade into the crypto waters, they’re going to find to be easier, cost-effective and more efficient to use the Ripple-built infrastructure. It costs the banks less to partner up with $XRP than it...

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Going On Holiday? Don’t Forget To Take Your XRP

One of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrency is that fact that it can be used as a currency no matter where you are. It’s not sovereign and therefore, in theory at least can be accepted in any country (assuming the laws allow it). One hurdle that crypto currently faces however is a lack of vendors accepting cryptocurrency, this will come when mainstream adoption grows, until then though, make sure you stock up on both FIAT and crypto before travelling, just incase you do get caught out! XRP is known as one of the most global cryptocurrencies, this is because of...

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How Low Could Ripple (XRP) Fall Before The Next Bull Run?

Ripple (XRP) is in a very vulnerable spot as it has yet to break out of a large descending triangle that it has been trading in against Bitcoin (BTC). Throughout Ripple (XRP)’s trading history, we have seen most of such triangles break to the downside. The price breaks below one triangle and forms another. There is a good chance that the same could happen this time especially as the cryptocurrency market prepares for the next big decline. A lot of people look at the bear market that started in early 2018 and continued till now and they think it is...

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XRP Gains More Trust

XRP, Ripple’s own cryptocurrency is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. Despite this, XRP has been deep in controversy over the past year and as such is often a controversial topic to discuss. Latest news however highlights that the XRP ‘network’ is about to get a lot more trustworthy - news that is being met by the XRP community with open arms. The news highlights that users of cryptocurrency wallets within Google Chrome will now have access to ‘WalletTrust’ a wallet that has been designed to enhance the trustworthiness of XRP transactions when they are carried out within...

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