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Litecoin’s (LTC) 4.3% Plunge Knocks CD 21 Leaders Index Lower to 54.72

The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index pared recent gains and receded to 54.72 on Monday from 55.46 on Sunday, a 1.33% decline. The 21 Leaders Index is up 9.30% over the past 7 days and is up 22.80% over the past 30 days. Litecoin (LTC) led the losers lower with a 4.3% drop to a market capitalisation of US$ 8.46 billion as traders positioned themselves ahead of Litecoin’s halving in early August, and in response to news the Litecoin Foundation will issue a physical LTC debit card. Cosmos (ATOM) also weakened 4.3% while NEO (NEO) led the gainers with a...

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South American Banks Looking into xRapid to Cover 6 Nations

A couple of banks in South America are allegedly starting to look into the adoption of Ripple’s cross-border payments technology. Both Scotiabank Chile and Banesco Panama are testing out how they could move capital with Ripple's xCurrent. The report states that Banesco Panama is working with regulators to ensure it’s fully compliant and is also looking at the digital asset XRP to shift money across the globe. “Banesco is aiming to roll out the technology between the banks in its group – covering the Dominican Republic, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela… Banesco’s proof of concept used the xCurrent...

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BTC, ETH, XRP & LTC - Which Is Doing More For Adoption?

The financial and investment company founded in 1971, Weiss Ratings is something a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts use to get some insight on different digital currencies. Whereas not everyone will agree with what Weiss has to say on some currencies, they are well-respected for their ratings. They base their ratings on objective computer models driven by complex algorithms with large volumes of data, excluding each analyst’s personal opinion from the process. With this, the entities that are being rated are always treated with complete objectivity and fairness according to Weiss. There are four things that cryptocurrency ratings are based on:...

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Libra Announcement has Seen Ripple Contracts Boom

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has said that he owes a debt of gratitude to David Marcus, AKA Facebook’s Head of Blockchain. At the Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance conference in New York, the Ripple CEO said that the firm is on the road for a record week following the announcement of Facebook’s announcement of its upcoming stablecoin, Libra. “I’m going to send a case of champagne to David Marcus, the guy who runs Libra. The reason is, this week will probably be the best week of signed contracts at Ripple ever. It has been a massive call to action because...

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LTC & XRP: Could Litecoin Flip XRP Before It Halves?

One of the top cryptocurrencies in the world is Litecoin, which has been a top ten cryptocurrency for as long as I can remember. The digital asset has been making gains amongst the upcoming block rewards. The market cap for Litecoin has surged by more than $2 billion which has seen the back of Bitcoin Cash but as this bullish trend continues, there’s one thing that we are wondering which is; what happens if Litecoin flips XRP? Split in Half In forty-five days, from the time of writing, Litecoin will go through an experience which will half it. This fixed...

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