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Ripple Exec Confident That Ripple & SWIFT Aren’t Competitors

The London Blockchain Summit recently closed its doors after more than a hundred guest speakers attended with representatives from some of the world’s biggest companies on the panels. One of the speakers that attended the summit was the Global Head of Banking for Ripple, Marjan Delatinne. When Delatinne took to the stage in London, many topics were raised including Ripple as it relates to the new xRapid platform, SWIFT, MoneyGram and even Facebook’s upcoming Libra stablecoin. xRapid Speaking on the platform, Delatinne said: “xCurrent is our core product. We have more than 200 customers using it, and we sign on...

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David Schwartz: “We Need Our Competitors To Succeed. We Need The Ecosystem To Succeed”

The Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, David Schwartz is providing a new look at the origins and strategy behind the companies upcoming payment solutions xRapid. Schwartz recently sat down in an interview at the Future of Fintech conference in New York and said that xRapid was created after Ripple ran into trouble convincing banks to adopt the XRP token for cross-border payments. “I think we do have a struggle on our hands to convince particularly banks because banks are extremely conservative. They’re very slow moving. What we’ve discovered is non-bank financial institutions and payment companies are much, much more aggressive...

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xRapid Being Used By 20 Financial Institutions Including SendFriend And Euro Exim Bank

The global head of banking at Ripple, Marjan Delatinne has said that the firm now has twenty clients on board using the xRapid platform. Speaking in an interview with Global Trader Review, Delatinne notes the use case for xRapid and the impact that it could have on cross-border remittances, especially in nations where it’s slower and more expensive to shift capital. “xRapid went live last October, so it’s a very new product, but we have more than 20 financial institutions using it. When talking with banks, we still have to ensure that they understand that using this product is not...

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XRP Vs XLM, The Kings Of Cross Border Payments

When you think of cross border payments in cryptocurrency, two market leaders spring to mind, Ripple XRP and of course, Stellar XLM. The pair have been working very hard through 2019 to gain a reputation as the holders for the solution for all of the problems faced within contemporary cross border payment solutions, including high transfer fees and long transaction times. Indeed, both XRP and XLM hold different advantages and ideas when it comes to addressing these problems. Which crypto will win the race? We don’t believe that one crypto is better than the other and that in this instance...

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Ripple Unlock $390 Million Worth Of XRP From Escrow Wallet

Ripple, one of the biggest crypto companies in the world, has unlocked the XRP token worth about $390 million from escrow. This makes the funds available for the company to sell to cryptocurrency exchanges and institutional participants. 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓 🔓  1,000,000,000 #XRP (392,024,346 USD) unlocked from escrow at Ripple Escrow walletTx: — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) July 1, 2019 Ripple typically sells a relatively small portion of the XRP that’s unlocked and returns the rest back into escrow at the end of the month. According to the firm’s last report, Ripple sold just...

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