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Ripple XRP Could Hit $1.50 Today

Ripple XRP has seen a very positive side to the market surge, at the time of writing, XRP stands at $0.63, it’s up 23.01% and has a market cap of $24,754,831,148. As we know, during the cryptocurrency boom we saw Ripple hit heights of $3.00, many experts do assume that this really is the cap for the value of XRP due to the level of circulating supply. Eventually, we do expect to see Ripple XRP move back up to $3.00, whilst this could happen sooner rather than later if these trends continue, it’s not likely to happen overnight. The half...

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Who Is Using Ripple? A Comprehensive List Of Ripples Partnerships

It’s tricky, in fact it’s almost impossible, trying to keep track of which companies are endorsing which avenues of the Ripple system. Let’s remember that ‘Ripple’ is not the currency specifically, more the brand behind a few different initiatives that aim to provide a cross border payments solution, Ripples portfolio includes the following products: xCurrent this is Ripples enterprise software that allows for cross-border payments between banks etc. xRapid is a solution for payment providers and institutions who want to improve their customers experience, this is powered by XRP. xVia, allows payments to be sent across various networks with the...

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Ripples Progress Is Proof That XRP Will Work

Ripple has flooded the news over the past few months. The team have a lot to offer and XRP seems to be driving the entire system forward into a more easily accessible world of cryptocurrency integration. Because of the sheer quantity of news and reports, YouTuber Thinking Crypto has uploaded a nice video summary that provides an excellent platform for re-orientation in terms of looking onto the playing field Ripple has set for itself. You can see the video here- Ripple Reorientation- As a result of the vast amounts of news, you can be forgiven for forgetting exactly where...

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Ripple XRP Solution - Santander’s OnePay FX App Now Live

We have been distracted by a video by YouTuber, ‘Thinking Crypto’ this morning, in a clip titled ‘Santander Ripple Payment App Live! – Apple Ripple Interledger – xVia XRP – UpCoin Listing XRP’ you can distract yourself too, here- Upon a first glance, this video seems to suggest that Santander have launched a new app with a Ripple XRP transfer option, this however is not yet the case, yet being the key word here. Rumours have spread with regards to Santander’s plans to develop a Ripple integration into their payment facilities, and indeed, we know that Ripples major plans...

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Your Ripple Questions Answered!

Ripple is currently the third largest cryptocurrency in the whole world, with regards to market capitalisation. However; many experts have been arguing that Ripple is not actually a cryptocurrency at all. That said, regardless of whether or not it fits the traditional definition of cryptocurrency, it does not mean that does not have a use. We have answered some common questions to help people to realise the key features of XRP. Is it decentralised? No. In fact, this is one of the main criticisms that it faces, as decentralisation is a big deal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Many experts believe that...

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