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Ripple Makes Waves In South Korea

Despite Ripple XRP’s current poor form, Ripple have recently secured a new and exciting partnership in South Korea, which further enhances Ripples ever expanding portfolio. As a company, Ripple really have two distinct directions, their blockchain technologies, xVia, xRapid and xCurrent and also their cryptocurrency, XRP. In the pursuit of harmony, future Ripple blockchain partnerships may very well integrate XRP as a payment option, however at the moment, for big partners such as Santander, their relationship is purely based upon the technology to hand. However, these partnerships do make good tracks towards a great future in terms of XRP adoption....

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Is It All Over For Ripple?

Whilst other cryptocurrencies are slowly picking up around, Ripple’s value has still not yet reached a dollar. Despite the partnerships it has made with major banks, the value has not gone up. Ripple investors are understandably getting a little anxious about this, and where they stand with their investments. On the 25th April this year, XRP was valued at $0.957, and this is the closest to $1. Although it is hovering around $0.80 at the moment, it is not showing any attempt of breaking this $1 barrier anytime soon. So what is happening, and is it really all over for...

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Is This Lawsuit The Start Of Things To Come For Ripple?

Ripple and XRP have come under scrutiny of late, mainly for XRP’s association as a security, something that authorities are still debating as we speak. For one half of Ripple’s services, the cross-border payment systems and xVia, xCurrent and xRapid, news is as good as ever, for XRP however, we are starting to see more and more challenges arise, challenges that look to be having an impact on the value of XRP. At the time of writing, XRP is valued at $0.821 and is down 0.33%. All in all, the value of XRP isn’t so bad, however, with news of...

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Bitcoin & Ethereum Continue To Soar, Ripple Struggles

This weekend, not only have we seen temperatures soar in the UK, it also looks as if during the bank-holiday break, cryptocurrencies managed to take a little jump too. This successes of the markets of late come in the wake of a very positive start to May. Overall, values have been on a steady increase, with some correction taking place and some reactive declines, yet these scenarios have remained to be quite short lived. As May continues to bring positivity, we expect many cryptocurrencies to reach new benchmarks and breach new thresholds as we crawl deeper into this month. Let’s...

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Crypto Daily – The Crypto Refresh

It’s back again, for the millionth instalment, it’s Crypto Refresh time! Each week we like to trawl back through the news for you, to provide you with a concise version of the entire weeks events. It’s like a TL DR you can truly rely on.  Once again, this week has been a rollercoaster in the cryptocurrency world. Market-wise things have been pretty bland, up until today, when things have started to make positive upwards movements. News-wise, things haven’t stopped, it’s been as fast paced and as speculation filled as possible. Here’s your weekly summary-  TRON Beaks into Top 10 TRON...

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