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Is XRP Going To Skyrocket At The Ripple Community Night, Could XRP See $1.00?

As part of Blockchain Week, coinciding with the Consensus 2018 cryptocurrency conference, Ripple Labs are holding a community night which invites members of the Ripple community to come and celebrate the successes of the team, and XRP as a currency. This will offer the Ripple community a nice break from the doom and gloom Ripple has faced over the past few days, the market slide has seen the value of XRP fall, moreover, the pending court case against Ripple Labs, with XRP being referred to as a security, has done some damage to the reputation of XRP. This won’t materialise...

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Ripple’s Xpring Is Great For XRP

Today, sees Ripple make yet another huge announcement, something that could very well bring some great value and some much-needed good news to Ripple and their currency, XRP. At the moment, XRP is snowed under some controversy with a looming court case based on allegations that it is a security. Their new project, ‘Xpring’ (pronounced Spring, apparently) aims to provide investment to new start-ups which in turn will encourage them to use XRP and the services behind XRP and the Ripple blockchain. Ripple have released a full press release detailing how Xpring works, see it for yourself, here- Ripple have...

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Ripple Sees Bumpy Weekend, XRP Recovery Now In Sight

We start this week with some underlying positivity in the wake of what has been a very disappointing weekend. At the end of last week, we saw the cryptocurrency markets drop as a result of a few big events which occurred within the crypto-sphere. Namely the raid of UPbit, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange accused of fraud, and, yet more significant movements from Mt. Gox wallets onto standard cryptocurrency exchanges. A combination of these two events, plus a few other little headlines, saw the market’s plunge. As it stands, few currencies are yet to show signs of any imminent recovery....

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Why Ripple (XRP) Is A Good Buy Under $0.70

Ripple (XRP) made news outpacing Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of price appreciation last year. Since then, the coin has continued to stay in the limelight and receives regular coverage from popular media outlets like CNBC and Forbes. Last year was about Ripple’s ambitious partnerships and deals which gave investors the confidence to push the price of Ripple (XRP) past $3. While that kind of growth is still not impossible in 2018, it does seem a little difficult given its recent tirade of problems with the SEC and a company knows as R3. Ripple (XRP) until now appeared to be off...

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The Crypto Refresh May 11th

The week is due to draw to a close, this can only mean one thing, the Crypto Refresh is here! Each week, we provide you with the hottest crypto-centric news, upon conclusion of the week, we like to issue a little summary of the weeks events. As ever, we have had a very busy week and have loads to talk about, sit back, grab a brew and read on! Bitcoin Core Lawsuit Abandoned Bitcoin Core attempted to crowdfund fees in order to take Ver and the Bitcoin Cash contingent to court. For various reasons, the campaign was halted and since,...

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