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Spanish Banking Giant To Connect Ripple Remittance Service To Latin America

The use of Ripple technology is being expanded by the Spanish banking behemoth, Santander.  Currently undergoing the construction of a “payment corridor” that would allow customers in Katin America to send money to the US for free and instantly through One Pay FX.  Whereas it’s only an option available to customers residing in the UK and Spain (who can send money over to the States via One Pay FX), the bank wouldn't reveal how many Latin American nations it plans to connect to the corridor, Santander serves Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil. In a similar light to Santander’s DLT efforts...

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How Ripple Is Taking Over The US

According to a Google Trends last year, the number of United States users that searched for the term ‘how to buy Ripple’ was a lot more than the number of people that were asking ‘how to buy Bitcoin’. The main thing that this shows us is that Ripple is gaining a lot more traction than we previously thought when it comes to mainstream adoption. Even so, Google users interested in cryptocurrency from outside the US searched more frequently for information in regards taking up a position in the current number one digital asset by market capitalisation than they did for...

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Coil Startup Granted 1 Billion XRP From Ripple Subsidiary

Founded in 2018, the blockchain startup Coil announced yesterday that it had received a one billion XRP grant from Xpring, Ripple’s incubator subsidiary. Pronounced ‘spring’, Xpring was announced by Ripple in May of last year which is set to be an "initiative that builds infrastructure and helps innovative blockchain projects grow through investments and partnerships”. It is "strongly focused on projects that build on and utilize XRP and the XRP Ledger." Xpring's goal is "to build a robust community of developers, entrepreneurs and companies who believe that blockchains, and the XRP Ledger in particular, will transform industries." Founded by the...

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Important Things To Know About XRP And Stellar

When you research Ripple XRP and Stellar XLM, you will come across a number of similarities. This is because as cryptocurrency projects, this pair have quite similar goals and objectives in mind. They both want to remain as top cryptocurrencies and they also want to transform the international payment sector, though, as you may know Ripple and Stellar as companies are going about this in very different ways. The two are rivals in a sense, but in many other ways they can actually compliment each other and work together. The international payment space is an interesting one, either way, no...

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How Gaming Is The Ideal Industry For XRP

The blockchain startup, Forte has recently said that it is in talks with more than 40 developers about bringing Ripple’s native token, XRP to the world of gaming. A few months ago, Forte announced that they will be both investing $100 million in different firms that make games based on blockchain technology and leverage XRP as a settlement currency. In a new interview with Modern Consensus Kent Wakeford, Forte co-founder and COO has said that it’s already undergoing discussions with more than 40 developers after attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. “Response has been strong. This has been...

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