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NEO Could Hit $100 This Weekend

Following the trend of its neighbours, NEO is also relishing in the glory of what now seems to be an extended surge of market prices. Yesterday, we saw a huge jump across the board in what looked like it was going to be but a short-lived blip. Through last night and into today however, we have seen the trend continue with the big coins surpassing expectations, leaving a fine path for the alt-coins to follow on with. At the start of this week, NEO looked to be making consistent gains, moving from the low $50s into low $60s and seemingly...

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NEO (NEO) Could Become The Ultimate Ethereum

Neo, also termed as the Chinese Ethereum is a smart contracts platform with more emphasis on versatility and less energy consumption. If Ethereum is crude oil, then NEO would be clean energy. This is due to its dedicated bookkeeping nodes. NEO also has support for a lot more programming languages and is a lot faster as well. NEO is fork resistant which means there will always be one variant of NEO around. NEO was rebranded from Antshares in June 2017 and has gained a lot of popularity for being a smart economy platform. While the unique qualities of NEO (NEO)...

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