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NEO Token Vulnerability Exposed

During the weekend, reports have aired with regards to a vulnerability located within NEO tokens. The vulnerability was found within the code of some NEP-5 Smart Contracts, according to a press release on the NEO website. The actual NEO blockchain was not affected by this. According to NEO: “There are several NEP-5 tokens affected by this issue. By exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker could make changes to the contract storage. An attacker can burn a certain amount of tokens and change the status of totalSupply within the contract. However, such an attack can only change the show value of totalSupply....

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Are NEO And Ontology Going To Merge? Neoology?

We have recently seen reports coming from NEO, that describe some new movements within NEO and Ontology, that pair the two currencies up, in preparation for moving in a new, common direction. This isn’t a partnership as such, nor is it a merger, but it could indeed lead to some quite exciting developments in both the future of NEO and Ontology. How does NEO look at the moment? At the time of writing, NEO is valued at $60.86 and is up 0.25%, nothing spectacular, but given the state of the markets recently, and positive climb should be welcomed with open...

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Could A NEO Bull Run Be On The Horizon

$NEO is setting up for a massive BULL run. Forget about the charts, focus on the project. Theres no one even close to #NEO in developement $ clarity of purpose. Theyre the most BALANCED #blockchian platform in existance. They will soon take their rightful place at #3 behind $ETH — Ron Diiorio (@rondior) April 25, 2018 The crypto-sphere is rife with speculation at the moment, NEO seems to be at the front of it all. I would assume this is both down too it’s optimistic community and of course, due to its great performance as of the past few...

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Ethereum (ETH) May Ultimately Lose To Cardano (ADA), NEO (NEO) And Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency markets. Just like Bitcoin (BTC), there are Ethereum (ETH) pairs on most exchanges for plenty of cryptocurrencies. More than half of the crypto projects that exist to date have been built on Ethereum. In short, it is an influential cryptocurrency and truly a force to be reckoned with. It is next in dominance to Bitcoin and is still popular as a platform for Dapps. However, the recent turn of events has dealt a big blow to its reputation and some analysts believe that its current dominance and share of the...

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NEO Could Hit $100 This Weekend

Following the trend of its neighbours, NEO is also relishing in the glory of what now seems to be an extended surge of market prices. Yesterday, we saw a huge jump across the board in what looked like it was going to be but a short-lived blip. Through last night and into today however, we have seen the trend continue with the big coins surpassing expectations, leaving a fine path for the alt-coins to follow on with. At the start of this week, NEO looked to be making consistent gains, moving from the low $50s into low $60s and seemingly...

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