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Monero (XMR) – Bitcoin (BTC) Atomic Swaps Could Be A Game Changer For Privacy Coins

Monero (XMR) is hailed as the king of privacy coins and a notable contemporary of Bitcoin (BTC). The cryptocurrency has not been in the news the same way as other cryptocurrencies of its stature, including Bitcoin (BTC). However, it continues to garner support from chauvinists of privacy and decentralization. Monero (XMR) has long been a favorite among investors who wanted to buy, sell or store without Uncle Sam peeping around. For this reason, Monero (XMR) found its first use case as a cryptocurrency to be used on the dark web mainly for purchase of medicines and drugs. Its untraceable nature...

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Monero Expected To Breakout Soon

As it builds into a triangle like pattern, Monero is expected to be soon ready for a breakout soon. As you can see from the chart below, the open-source cryptocurrency is currently developing inside a balanced triangle pattern and is nearing its peak which is a sign that it could breakout any minute now. The 100 SMA is lower than the long-term 200 SMA which is a signal that the course with the least struggle is to the downside. In laymen terms, a higher break is less likely to happen than a lower break. Despite this, the gap has shrunk...

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Monero Network Due For A Big Upgrade

According to reports out this morning, the Monero network is due to see some big changes, changes that could entirely change the face of Monero. Recently, Monero has been under scrutiny on the basis that it has statistically been under a large volume of mining attacks, due to certain vulnerabilities that seem to make Monero more hackable. Of course, Monero developers have worked to resolve these issues and thus, recently we have had no further reports of large scale hacking taking place within Monero, suggesting that for now, all vulnerabilities have been resolved. At the time of writing, Monero is...

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Monero, NEM And Ethereum Classic All Suffer In Market Fall

As the major cryptocurrencies fall, we should always take a look at the state of the markets further down. Currencies just outside the top ten can also indicate upcoming trends and can also help us make predictions with regards to future movements within the markets. Today, no altcoins really stand out. Often in periods of downtime like this, we can see the odd coin really stand out as making solid and consistent progression. When this is the case, we need to see what is going on with the coin in question, so for example, not so long ago when the...

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Can ZCash (ZEC) Really Compete With Rivals, Verge (XVG) And Monero (XMR)?

ZCash (ZEC) is an old cryptocurrency that did not have a good start as can be seen in the chart above. A three figure price for ZCash (ZEC) appeared to be overvalued back then but it would also appear overvalued today, but for different reasons. ZCash (ZEC) rose to prominence as a privacy coin to be used as a substitute to Bitcoin (BTC) by those that value their privacy. Transactions made on Bitcoin (BTC) are open to the general public to be seen or interpreted as they see fit. On ZCash (ZEC) however, transactions are protected from public exposure. This...

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