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Monero Volunteers Fight Back Against PC Mining Hijackers

The Monero (XMR) community has launched the Malware Response Workgroup website that aims to inform people about the dangers of cryptocurrency mining malware, as well as, best practices to remove such scripts and avoid the growing scam in the first place. The group of volunteers will publish information that will help users avoid crypto-jacking, as well as, provide live support. "We will not be able to eliminate malicious mining, but we hope to provide necessary education for people to better understand Monero, what mining is, and how to remove malware," according to Sept. 26 blog by Justin Ehrenhofer. Mining malware...

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The Monero Burning Bug Has Impacted Electroneum Too

Yesterday we published a video about Monero and the truth behind the ‘burning bug’, a bug within the Monero network that existed as a result of Monero’s automatic coin burning process. To recap: “The burning bug is a bug that could have allowed hackers to drain Monero XMR assets from any exchange or wallet, at a very low cost. This all comes down to the fact that Monero can ‘burn’ XMR on the network, in the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum can. Burns can occur when the Monero blockchain detects transactions between identical stealth addresses, it assumes these are illegitimate...

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Monero XMR, The Truth Behind The Burning Bug

 Monero, the project behind XMR and the privacy coin that isn’t shy of controversy. Monero has always been especially susceptible to mining related hacks and illicit cryptocurrency mining, however, the burning bug within the Monero network takes these surfaces hacks to a new level. It transpires that now, as a result of the burning bug, the entire XMR network could have crashed down in an instant. Over the past two months, the so called ‘Burning Bug’ has surfaced twice, calling the integrity of the Monero network to question. In order to understand the scale of this, we first of...

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Monero Have A Dedicated Research Team That Need Your Help

Whilst Monero is a decentralised cryptocurrency with no central control, there is a community led Monero research lab who have taken it upon themselves to improve the Monero network through carrying out extensive research and through implementing various upgrades etc. Monero Research Lab are currently focusing some of their efforts on further research into Monero’s multi-sig wallets, one of the unique features of the Monero network that make it technically one of the most secure crypto projects going. Within multi-sig wallets, transactions require more than one key in order to send transactions, therefore, this is something that the team behind...

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Monero (XMR) Might Soon Be The Next Big Thing As Spotlight Turns From Blockchain To Privacy

Chart for XMR/USD (1W) Monero (XMR) is almost as old as Bitcoin (BTC) but this project failed to receive the attention it deserved during the early days. This is because blockchain became so hot an industry that everything else faded away in comparison. A lot of cryptocurrencies came into existence that had no use case other than being just a blockchain and still succeeded in raising millions of dollars through ICOs. Projects like Monero (XMR) with actual use cases applicable not just to the blockchain but outside the blockchain industry have recently started to gain attention as more and more...

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