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Cryptocurrencies To Look Out For: XLM & XMR

Despite the cryptocurrency market being in a slight slump over past two weeks which saw Bitcoin sink to lows of $4,000, Stellar and Monero have both claimed that they are going to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space by consolidating their market cap. The two digital currencies have added good amounts to their market cap to solidify their holdings in higher places on the list for the top ten cryptocurrencies. For a short time last week, Stellar Lumens became the fifth biggest cryptocurrency after it took over EOS however, it was still behind Bitcoin Cash. Currently, Stellar...

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How Make-A-Wish Was Hacked For Monero (XMR)

Cyber hacking is nothing new but surely some of these hackers have some kind of moral compass?! One of the most recent victims of cyber hacking is the United States based, non-profit organisation Make-A-Wish Foundation which recently had its website hacked. Since March this year, the hacker has been taking advantage of the Drupal vulnerability to mine the Monero cryptocurrency as per its research findings from an independent research lab. For those that don’t know Drupal is a free and open source content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. The open-source platform provides...

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Lower Exchange Fees For Monero?

The privacy-focused cryptocurrency, Monero has recently implemented Bulletproofs, a new cryptography feature which works to reduce the size of the blockchains, lower fees and speed to transactions speeds. According to BravenewCoin, Monero is down almost 80% from it’s all-time high which it achieved in December last year. “XMR is classified as a privacy coin with untraceable, unlinkable, private, and analysis resistant transactions. XMR achieves these privacy features through the use of Multilayered Linkable Spontaneous Anonymous Group (MLSAG) signatures, ring confidential transactions (RCT), and stealth addresses.” Monero also has a stealth address feature which are single-use addresses where only the sender...

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Monero (XMR) Might Still End The Year Above $500

Chart for XMR/USD (1W) Monero (XMR) currently trades around $107 and is probably one of the safest bets in the market right now. The price has been following a three driver’s pattern, trading in a diverging bullish channel. It has currently reached the bottom of the channel and will likely return with bullish momentum for the long haul that could drive its price all the way to $500 or higher before the end of the year. Apart from the technicals, its fundamentals look great as well. Monero (XMR) transactions are currently cheaper than that of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin...

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How Monero Are Improving Human Rights With XMR

 Listen Here - Monero is considered to be the privacy coin, the currency of choice for absolute privacy. Now, privacy doesn’t necessarily mean security and we should remember that 2018 has seen a tonne of ‘Monero mining’ hacks, calling into question some of the projects integrity. Even so though, Monero promises to keep its users privacy completely intact. Simply put, XMR aims to keep it’s users hidden. According to the Monero website, this occurs via 5 different processes, by being untraceable, unlinkable, secure, private and analysis resistant. Untraceable “Unlike most of the digital coins, Monero uses a special technology...

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