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Monero Mining Malware Infecting Window OS

A new hacking tool is flying throughout the online crypto community in an attempt to install mining malware in relation to cryptocurrency. The news was confirmed by researchers at the security intel firm Trend Micro on 20th Feb. The hacking tool was detected at the end of January and is a combination of extant threats which were primarily targeted at Windows users, MIMIKATZ and RADMIN. The blog post starts off by saying: “Between the last week of January to February, we noticed an increase in hack tool installation attempts that dropped seemingly random files into the Windows directory. Initially appearing...

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Linux Users at risk from Monero Mining Malware

Monero Mining Malware, alliteration at it’s finest. Monero has long been plagued by malware, viruses, hacks and bots, all of which have been designed to illicitly mine XMR from the Monero network. Why? Well Monero is quite exposed to these sorts of hacks, they are easy to execute and cheap to run, which means hackers can pull a profit. Similar hacks could take place within Bitcoin, but it would simply cost too much money to run, this is one reason Monero is so attractive to hackers, it’s low price. Another key attraction to Monero is it’s enhanced privacy, it’s very...

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Why Monero (XMR) Mining Just Doesn’t Add Up

The crypto and blockchain space has been going through a rough time over the past year, the start of 2019 hasn’t changed that. News of exchange hacks and the now-delayed Ethereum Hard Fork haven’t given 2019 the best head start to unhinge the bad name that is associated with cryptocurrency. For Moneo miners though, they have been looking at a very unusual event, waiting for it to unfold. It’s no secret that the profitability of mining Monero has decreased over recent months, given that the value of XMR has sunk significantly within this bear market. There are a number of...

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Winklevoss Twins: Regulators More Comfortable With Zcash Than Monero

The Winklevoss Twins have been going through a media blitz related to their new ad campaign focused around the positive aspects of clear crypto asset exchange regulations in New York, and their interview tour recently took them to Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast. During the interview, the Winklevii explained their thought process when it comes to listing new crypto assets for trade on Gemini, which is the digital asset exchange they launched in 2015 . It was during this portion of the discussion that the Gemini co-founders revealed they chose to list Zcash and not Monero because they believed regulators would...

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Monero’s Anti-ASIC Policy is Also Harming Botnet-Based Miners

On the most recent episode of Monero Talk, host Douglas Tuman spoke with King’s College London Assistant Professor Guillermo Suarez-Tangil about a research paper (PDF) he co-authored with the University Carlos III of Madrid’s Sergio Pastrana about the degree to which malware is involved in the crypto asset mining ecosystem. Their paper estimates that at least 4.32% of all Monero in circulation has been mined through the use of malware. During the interview, the discussion turned to the reasoning behind criminal hackers’ decision to mine Monero over other crypto assets. While Monero’s ASIC-resistance and privacy features are noted by Suarez-Tangil...

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