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The Crypto Refresh April 20th 2018 - Crypto Daily

Huzzah! It’s back, your favourite article of the week. Whether that's because it means it’s friday, or you love my concise analysis of the weeks events, who knows? I suspect it may be the former however. It has been quite a good week for crypto-fanatics. Marketwise, we have seen some really nice movements. Nothing too dramatic thus far, but the signs are pointing towards another surge which is expected to take place sooner, rather than later. Overall everything has looked pretty healthy, we did of course see some post-mid-April market surge correction take place at the start of the week,...

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It’s A Very Significant Day For Monero

Happy 4 year anniversary, Monero! — Riccardo Spagni (@fluffypony) April 18, 2018 It’s a very special day for Monero. At the time of writing, Monero is currently valued at $226.92, up almost 14%, with a generous market cap of $3,617,559,411. What’s happening, why is today so significant? Apparently, today, the 18th of April marks the 4th anniversary of Monero, Happy Birthday Monero! Right, okay, I apologise, this probably doesn’t have anything to do with Monero’s sudden spike in value. Well, in theory it could have an influence. But it’s also film producer Eli Roth’s birthday, an event of equal...

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Can Verge (XVG) Really Compete With Monero (XMR) And Cardano (ADA)?

Verge (XVG) has seen plenty of excitement in the past few days and that excitement has reflected in the form of enormous price gains since the recent ‘bullish’ outlook of the crypto markets. Verge has made significant gains in a much shorter time compared to other coins as can be seen in the long green candlesticks in the XVG/USD Chart. The price is still up more than 14% at the time of writing in anticipation of a mystery announcement today at 10 am EST. Verge (XVG) has been up more than 27% in the past 24 hours and is currently...

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