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Litecoin News, is Charlie Lee About to Abandon Ship?

Charlie Lee, the controversial figure behind the Litecoin movement does love to spark debate. His fans adore him, and his critics simply adore to call him out. His recent decision to sell off all his Litecoin assets had many people quite perplexed. If somebody believes in their product and wants other people to buy it, why on earth would they get rid of it all? Of course, many others have taken a more relaxed stance towards Lee’s movements, stating that he sold off, not to abandon Litecoin, but simply because he felt it was the right time to do so....

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Litecoin Could Take an Upswing Soon

One man has boldly predicted that Litecoin will reach $1,000 in just six days, which is a very bold prediction by the youtuber. In a video hosted by Marius, he even suggested that if Litecoin continued to perform how it has been, it could even make huge stocks like, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook small in comparison. He also predicts that cryptocurrencies are on the up for good. People are becoming more educated and trusting of them, and he sees no reason why this should change. In order to make his bold predictions of Litecoin hitting $1,000 in just 6 days;...

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What Does This Tweet From The Litecoin Foundation Mean?

Does your business accept #Litecoin? Message us for a chance to be included in a cool project we are working on! — Litecoin Foundation (@LTCFoundation) April 25, 2018 Does your business accept #Litecoin? Message us for a chance to be included in a cool project we are working on Seems fairly benign right? What on earth could this cool project be? When I first saw this tweet, I instantly jumped to the conclusion that this is LitePay 2.0, however now the more I think about it, the more confused I get. Just to back track, we know the initial...

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Bitcoin Cash Turns It's Crosshairs On Litecoin

In an interesting development, we have seen what seems to be a direct attack from the Bitcoin Cash camp on Litecoin, a currency until now considered as a neighbour to Bitcoin Cash. To track back slightly, we know both coins exist as a result of a Bitcoin hard fork. Litecoin did appear first and exists as a changed version of the Bitcoin platform, with Bitcoin Cash, the latter edition, holding similar characteristics to the original Bitcoin, now affectionately referred to as Bitcoin Core. We know Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core regularly clash heads with their very conflating attitudes on what...

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Three Litecoin Applications That Could Make You Rich

Litecoin, social medias favourite cryptocurrency. Litecoin is ranked 6th for market cap and is considered to be one of the major rivals to Bitcoin, simply because of it’s ultra fast transaction promise. At the time of writing, Litecoin stands at $153.41, down 4.66% but still performing quite well in the grand scheme of things. The past few weeks have seen Litecoin make strong progress, with it’s new target of $200.00 firmly in sight. Recently, YouTube channel Central Five Media have published a video called ‘TOP 3 REASONS WHY LITECOIN COULD MAKE YOU RICH’. First of all, I hate caps, sorry...

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