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BTC And LTC Find Balance, XLM And MIOTA Struggling To Maintain

After a very unsteady week, the markets really are struggling to level out the playing field. As it stands, everything is a little shaken up. After earthquake of a crash that started at the start of the week, we expect a number of aftershocks to continue to put pressure on a number of altcoins and Bitcoin too. Therefore, today’s outlook no doubt resonates what we will see throughout the rest of this week and the weekend too. Don’t worry too much, the markets will recover from this, but at the moment I guess it is pretty hard to be optimistic....

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Markets Rebalance As Heavy Correction Halts The Fall Of BTC, XRP, EOS And IOTA

After a catastrophic day in the markets, it seems to slide has finally come to an end today, letting us start the mid-week period with a little bit of an optimistic outlook. This optimism may be short lived, as many do believe the decline of crypto hasn’t come to an end just yet, either way though, let’s relish in the fact that as it stands, crypto is no longer falling. What is happening here? This market decline is organic, it may be in response to world economics but generally, there isn’t one lone factor causing this, this is simply put,...

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Sirin Labs Crush IOTA With This Announcement

Sirin Labs, the team behind the up and coming ‘Finney’ blockchain smartphone have made a recent announcement that replaces IOTA, as their chosen blockchain partners, with the unlikely pairing of Sirin and the Ethereum blockchain. Upon the initial announcement of the Finney, it was made pretty clear that the phone would work via IOTA’s Tangle DLT (distributed ledger technology). This was clear through the Sirin Labs whitepaper. According to Coinjournal, Sirin Labs have since made a recent announcement that confirms the project will no longer be using IOTA blockchain technology and instead, will be using the Ethereum blockchain and nodes...

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Market Update - Unsteady Day Ahead For Markets, BCH And ETC Fly, MIOTA Falls

The markets continue to exist within an uncertain limbo today. Values are changing but not in a good way, overall, everything seems to be very unsure. We can’t see the markets heading in one unified direction, instead, values seem to be moving on their own. In essence, the markets are super volatile at the moment, it’s hard to keep track of what is going on and it's even harder to predict what will happen next. At the very least, let this serve as a reminder of just how risky cryptocurrency investment is. At the time of writing, Bitcoin remains just...

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Market Update - BTC, ETH And XRP Down, MIOTA Breaks Away

Is it correction, or is it something else? Is this trend just what we need to get used to for August too? The markets are down once again, except this time, the major cryptos are taking big leaps downwards. The markets have been so volatile the past few weeks, we had hoped that off the back of some positivity, this week would give us a nice level playing field through which we could build some hope for August. There is good news in here of course, with Bitcoin dominance flying high. For now though, as it stands the markets are...

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