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Is IOTA (MIOTA) Really A Blockchain Challenger?

IOTA (MIOTA) rose to prominence in the crypto community as a blockchain challenger. The cofounders of IOTA (MIOTA) came up with a mathematical solution to do what the blockchain does and called it Tangle. The concept they use is called Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG). This directly eliminates the need for miners as each node in the tangle verifies two previous transactions. It also means that the more transactions and users on the platform, the higher the transaction speed and network growth. In addition to that, there are no transaction fees on IOTA (MIOTA). IOTA (MIOTA) has partnered with Samsung and...

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Forget Bitcoin; You Should Be Looking At These Cryptocurrencies

Although Bitcoin is slowly starting to pick up again, and experts are still predicting big things for the cryptocurrency, it is safe to say that it has not had the best start to the year at all. Despite the fantastic performance it put in at the end of last year, it sadly has not been the same story this year at all. So, if you are looking for something else to invest in, fear not. It’s time for Bitcoin to move over, because there are six more cryptocurrencies waiting in the side lines, that have all been tipped for success....

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