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IOTA Breaches $2.00 Once More, Plus New IOTA Foundation Announcements

IOTA have had a very good run recently, with a pairing of two significant announcements. Firstly, their involvement within the MOBI mobilities project and as a result of the launch of their new Q project. Whilst the details of Q are still unknown at the moment, the pending launch date of the project set in June promises speculation to start to build as we enter the latter days of May. For more information regarding IOTA’s work within MOBI, check out our full story, here- For more information regarding Q, check out our full coverage of the announcement, here-

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IOTA May Crush Stellar’s Market Cap Soon

The rise of IOTA has been well documented over the past week or so. With the IOTA camp rife with speculation, with announcements, left, right, centre and even left again, its no wonder that IOTA as a currency is looking fantastic at the moment. Notably, the launch of the new IOTA Ecosystem and a teaser for the looming announcement for IOTA’s Q, or Qubic, these announcements have seen IOTA storm up the rankings and have seen its value increase, dramatically. Just in the past week, we have seen IOTA pace from a value of $1.85, right up to peaks of...

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Crypto Daily – The Crypto Refresh

It’s back again, for the millionth instalment, it’s Crypto Refresh time! Each week we like to trawl back through the news for you, to provide you with a concise version of the entire weeks events. It’s like a TL DR you can truly rely on.  Once again, this week has been a rollercoaster in the cryptocurrency world. Market-wise things have been pretty bland, up until today, when things have started to make positive upwards movements. News-wise, things haven’t stopped, it’s been as fast paced and as speculation filled as possible. Here’s your weekly summary-  TRON Beaks into Top 10 TRON...

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IOTA Continues Great Form in Wake of Qubic Announcement

We are moving rapidly towards the next epoch of IOTA, today the IOTA Foundation is excited and proud to start the official unveiling of Qubic. #Qubic— IOTA (@iotatoken) May 3, 2018 It seems that this week, IOTA have made endless tracks towards the next phase of their development. Announcements such as MOBI and the launch of the IOTA Ecosystem have encouraged some great progression in the value of IOTA, I’m sure the IOTA Foundation will have plenty to celebrate this weekend. As these announcements congeal, IOTA is making great progress towards $3.00, perhaps as we go through the weekend, we...

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This Afternoon Sees Markets Start to Shoot, is it Bull Run Time?

So far this week, we have had a bit of a bumpy ride in terms of market movements and thus cryptocurrency values. Through the weekend, we saw some dramatic climbs as April drew to a close, through the start of May many currencies where looking very healthy indeed. As the week matured however, a number of currencies started to enter a decline. Rumours of yet another Mt. Gox Bitcoin movement did arise in light of this decline, however, overall it does seem that it was most likely down to market correction. This afternoon, Thursday the 3rd of May, we are...

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