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Will HelloIOTA See IOTA Skyrocket?

IOTA is a very community focused blockchain project. Moreover, in terms of currency and value, the IOTA community do come together to celebrate the good times and the bad times. At the moment, we are unfortunately seeing bad times, times which are seeing the value of IOTA sink as a part of a bear market that seems to have a lethal grip on the markets. We must remember that to some investors, this is a good thing and of course does present many with the opportunity to buy. At this point, please remember that this is not investment advice. If...

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Are IOTA About To Announce A Partnership With Automotive Giants Volkswagen?

Volkswagen, together with @iotatoken will show at #cebit18 a proof of concept how the trusted transfer of software over-the-air to vehicles can be securely documented using the #tangle. Great example how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future — Johann Jungwirth (@JohannJungwirth) June 9, 2018 This recent tweet, from Johann Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer for Volkswagen suggests that there is something hot in the works between Volkswagen (VW) and IOTA. Moreover, in light of this, plenty of reports are coming out that suggest IOTA and VW are collaborating on a new proof of concept project. According...

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IOTA To Be Accepted Onto A Large European Exchange

The number one retail exchange for buying and selling digital credit in Europe, Bitpanda has recently announced that they will be adding IOTA. Bitpanda has said that this listing comes after it was appealed to be so by the public. After being confirmed by IOTA and Bitpanda, IOTA will be available for trading commencing 14th June this year. Since forming at the beginning of the month, the IOTA price is still locked in within the contracting triangle pattern. The 100 SMA is preventing upside movements at just under $2 whereas the long term 200 SMA is supporting the price at...

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The Crypto Refresh June 8th 2018

It’s time for another weekend addition of our famed publication, The Crypto Refresh. If its your first time here, welcome to paradise. If you’re an attuned Crypto Refresh veteran, welcome back. If you have no idea what’s happening, how you got here or what you’re doing here, fear not… just read on, you might enjoy it! This week has seen the cryptocurrency markets take somewhat of a turn. Granted, the turn has been slight, but we have seen some forward progression made in a stark contrast against the previous few weeks of negativity that have dragged the markets downwards. Let’s...

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Qubic Announced, IOTA Down 10%

Last week, we saw IOTA make incredible progression in the run up to the announcement of Qubic, or Q, which was made by IOTA just yesterday (3rd of June 2018). A month ago, we saw a quick teaser for Qubic, which has thus generated much speculation and anticipation in time for yesterdays announcement. Through the week, IOTA responded very well, seeing gains from $1.36 up to $1.96 in just a couple of days. This is most impressive when you realise how poorly the markets surrounding IOTA actually performed. In essence, IOTA managed to break away from the overarching negative trend...

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