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IOTA (MIOTA) Continues Its Downtrend, New Lows Likely In The Days Ahead

IOTA (MIOTA) continues to trade in a downtrend. The price has once again met heavy resistance after a recent Bitcoin (BTC) induced pump. The price received a significant boost but resistance at the downtrend line for IOTA/USD made it clear that the price is not in the clear yet and further downside is likely. The squeeze momentum also indicates that yesterday’s Bitcoin (BTC) short squeeze had little impact on IOTA (MIOTA). The price is currently trading above its RSI on the daily chart but weakness can be seen as the EMA alignment continues to remain bearish with no signs of...

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Market Update - EOS, IOTA & NEO Flying High

Friday the 13th, unlucky for some but historically great for the markets! It seems that this morning too, the markets are relishing in a bit of luck, with the majority of cryptocurrencies now now moving upwards, away from the negative trend that has battered the markets throughout today. We can be pretty certain that this is simply down to correction and not as a result of an impending bull run or a market recovery. If this correction continues into the weekend perhaps a recovery could be underway, though at this point, it’s doubtful. Either way, as the day progresses we...

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Market Update - Bitcoin Dominance Up As BTC, EOS And IOTA Fall

The markets are still in a sorry state this morning. Values are crashing and the markets are down. Political tensions and adverse news regarding some hacks seem to have had a small impact on the market, overall though this current trend is simply just the result of the bear market that has driven the markets down for a number of weeks now. Don’t be disheartened, this is an organic part of cryptocurrency and typical volatility. We will see the markets move back up once again, though we can’t really predict when this will be, or to what scale it will...

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Seven European Cities To Work With IOTA To Change The World

A new project, with ties to IOTA and the IOTA Foundation have received funding which is set to see blockchain technology used in a range of experiments into energy solutions across seven European cities. The funding, of which most will come from the European Union is expected to see around €30 Million, granted to the +CityxChange Consortium, a group made of around 25 companies, which includes the IOTA Foundation, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, ABB Norway, AVIS Budget Group, Space Engagers, GKinetic Energy LTD and more. According to, the cities and countries in question include; Trondheim (Norway),...

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IOTA (MIOTA) All Set To Mark A New ATH For 2018

IOTA (MIOTA) is probably one of the few coins to have completed a head and shoulders pattern. The price action supports a bullish rally at this point, but IOTA (MIOTA) has yet to find a bottom. Crypto market correction is not over yet and IOTA (MIOTA) may have to break market structure and fall below the support line to find its bottom. This would mean fully completing the head and shoulders and then falling below the shoulder and breaking market structure to find a bottom below $1. IOTA (MIOTA) currently trades at $1.08 and is down 79% from its all...

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