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Ethereum (ETH): Valuable Lessons From The Past

Chart for ETH/USD (1D) Ethereum (ETH) and those backing it have some valuable lessons to learn from the past. Of course, the one that tops the list is, “you reap what you sow”. How is this relevant? Well, back when Ethereum (ETH) forked off the original Ethereum chain, for every original Ethereum coin you had, you received two coins, ETH and ETC. Now, most of the miners and developers switched over to the new chain but some stuck to the old chain (ETC) out of respect for principles of immutability and decentralization. Unfortunately, principles did not mean much to those...

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With September Passing, What Does October Hold For Bitcoin, Ethereum & XRP

September has been yet another cold month for cryptocurrency. As each new month arrives, speculation of the next bull run follows, though it seems that at the moment, bullish optimism is at an all time low. September promised to bring riches, with the SEC Bitcoin ETF deadline looming and various other big projects coming to the fore, we really did hope to see some great progression made this month. Of course, XRP is the stand out crypto for the past two weeks, after the stunning announcement of a pending full release for xRapid, an announcement that saw XRP climb more...

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Is Ethereum About To Stage A Trend Reversal?

Ethereum is a struggling cryptocurrency. Plagued by a clogged network and low prices, it’s rare to find experts with a super bullish feeling towards Ethereum. Fundstradt superstar Thomas Lee however is one expert that believes Ethereum, despite it’s fall, is now on the brink of a major bull run, one that promises to send Ethereum back to the moon, At the time of writing, Ethereum is valued at $229.99 and is up 7.18% from yesterday. This sudden climb is as a result of a positive market climate that is pulling the markets upwards. Whilst it looks positive now, we don’t...

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Crypto Daily Official YouTube Ethereum Giveaway - Here’s What You Need To Know

To celebrate the growth of our new YouTube channel, Crypto Daily are running an Ethereum giveaway, giving one lucky subscriber a chance to win some free crypto (there’s nothing better than free crypto, right?) How to take part In order to take part in our Ethereum giveaway, you simply just need to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Once you have subscribed, there’s nothing more you need to do, for now at least… Once we reach 1,000 subscribers, we will be releasing the full details of the competition, therefore you simply just need to keep an eye on our videos and...

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Ethereum Futures Could Be Bigger Than Bakkt

With Bakkt hitting the headlines for their new Bitcoin Futures contracts announcement, LedgerX are now moving forward with their new Ethereum Futures project, one that could kickstart a new movement within Ethereum offerings, in the same way the first Bitcoin Futures contracts did at the end of 2017. Whilst we don’t expect it to have a such a huge impact on the markets, we can see Ethereum Futures being very beneficial for the future of institutional interest in Ethereum. According to Ethereum World News: “LedgerX has an Ethereum options product which is ready to go live. The trading firm is...

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