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Ethereum Transaction Fees Are Up Because of Ongoing Network Spamming

The Ethereum blockchain seems to be under some sort of attack by a network spamming that is causing congestion within the network which in turn, has had a negative impact on the base fee for the verification of an Ethereum transaction. Today, marked a second consecutive day during which a heap of unexplained activity has been detected on the network which is causing a great deal of congestion. One lone smart contract has consumed over 35% of gas, which in turn has pushed transaction fees to over $1.00. As it stands, nobody can pinpoint what has caused the smart contract...

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XRP Is Far Superior To BTC And ETH According To Tech Expert

When people speak up about XRP, their opinions are often seen to be quite controversial. The crypto-community is in two minds about XRP, it’s a little bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it (I appreciate this is a niche reference but nevermind). One tech expert however, is pretty happy to speak openly about XRP, so much so, they have recently claimed that it is ‘better’ than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, in terms of its potential to carry out transactions at least. According to reports, the Founder of tech website, Techcrunch, Michael Arrington, has stated that XRP...

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Ethereum Payments To Be Enabled Through The Opera Browser

Opera is a web browser that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS, offering millions of users around the world a platform through which they can browse the internet, utilise social tools, access private networks and, very recently, store cryptocurrency within a built in Ethereum wallet. In July 2018, the team behind Opera launched a brand new Ethereum wallet which would be compatible with the Opera for Android web browser, and allows users to access an Ethereum wallet without the need for any additional extensions or plugins. The wallet uses Ethereum’s Web3 API, so boasts a number...

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Ethereum (ETH) Likely To Find Bottom By End Of August

Ethereum (ETH) seems to have found a bottom against Bitcoin (BTC) according to the ETH/BTC weekly chart above. The price action has so far respected the long term trend line since before 2016. Ethereum (ETH) has now completed three cycles against Bitcoin (BTC). The first cycle was the longest and third the shortest. It is likely that the cycle that follows after this might be a big one and could extend all the way to Q1 of 2019. RSI looks favorable for a run up as it is likely to soon break out of the triangle it is trading it....

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Building Your Own Cryptocurrency On The Ethereum Blockchain Just Got Easier

Many people dream of creating their own cryptocurrency. ‘MeCoin, YouCoin, ICoin’ the possibilities are endless. The majority of us of course, wouldn’t have a clue how do to it. Where do you even start with a project so bold? Well, this latest development named Fondu, could be the answer. Fondu is a new ICO smart-contract builder that allows even the least tech savvy to built the foundations of their own cryptocurrency, in an easy to use, ‘fill in the boxes’ format. According to the Fondu website: “Hi there! I guess you landed here to lay the foundation for your crowd...

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