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Ripple (XRP) Will Surpass Ethereum (ETH)

There is a growing sentiment among cryptocurrency traders that it's a safer bet to buy Ripple (XRP) than Ethereum (ETH) or even Bitcoin (BTC). This is after some recent significant drops in value which hit the entire cryptocurrency market hard, as well as the rise of certain other cryptocurrencies which offer superior features than those of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Recent struggles for those two has seen their market cap freeze, giving other coins the opportunity to catch or even overtake them. If Ripple could hit $3.89 in value, its market cap would place it on top of the pile. But...

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Cardano (ADA) Wants To Beat Bitcoin And Ethereum

Cardano has recently stated that due to the fact they have started their own technology from scratch they are going to soon be ahead of cryptocurrency giants Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is their goal to beat them both in the market and have publicly announced this intention. So how do they intend on doing this? Cardano is currently 6th in the market with an $8.7b market cap compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum which are reigning over other cryptocurrencies in the top spots. Before Cardano can even hope to achieve number one status they must first gain value over Litecoin, Bitcoin...

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Hacker Returns Stolen Ether

CoinDash suffered a major setback in July last year, after 43,000ETH were stolen just days before the formal launch of its cryptocurrency social trading platform. There is good news for them though, as some of the funds have reappeared in the company’s wallet. The theft occurred within minutes of the ICO’s start, which was obviously a major setback for the company, and happened when the wallet address on the CoinDash website was substituted for the hacker’s address. The hacker was then able to steal 43,000ETH which was  valued at that time at around $7million. At the time of the theft,...

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3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Expected To Double In Value This Year

At the beginning of the year, cryptocurrencies took a turn for the worse, with them losing a whopping 67% of their market capital. However, there is still hope, and despite all of the risks, there is still hope that the following three cryptocurrencies will double in value. Ethereum: Experts have predicted that despite being the second largest cryptocurrency by market capital, Ethereum will actually surpass Bitcoin by doubling in total value. The biggest selling point that Ethereum has is its blockchain, which has three main differences that puts it in front of Bitcoin. It can process almost three times as...

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Why You Might Soon Be Able To Trade Bitcoin And Ethereum With No Fees

The Robinhood mobile app, which promises its customers zero fee Bitcoin and Ethereum trading is now live, the company has announced. Those who are first in line to test this new app are based in California, Missouri, Montana, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This will change though and the firm have declared that the support for no-fee crypto trading will be released for more states later on down the line. Currently, all of the users of Robinhood can now monitor the market, and keep a close eye on the prices of 16 different cryptocurrencies, despite whether they do or do not...

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